* Free Same-Day Delivery all over UK
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Same-Day Delivery:

Same-day or Next-day Delivery is available within London on all the furniture items, check out complete details on our website. We ensure the smooth delivery of our products. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality furniture items and offering same-day delivery service. You will get the same-day delivery of your furniture right at your doorstep.

  • On the day of delivery, we will call you to confirm the delivery time and give you 2 to 3 hours’ time frame before delivery, for which you need to stay at home.
  • To serve the best services to our customers, our delivery department maintain close contact with you and drivers throughout the day.
  • Our drivers have years of experience delivering furniture. They seek various options to make successful deliveries.
  • All our furniture items are carefully packed and wrapped while transporting to the delivery destination.

Due to the high volume of deliveries, We are unable to suggest specific time frames. That is why you are welcome to choose a specific delivery date. As per your convenience, you may provide us with your call ahead number. This number will be used by our dispatch team to keep you updated regarding your delivery status. Our delivery team make sure that the deliveries are safe and smooth. Tender Sleep Furniture’s main goal is to satisfy our customers by providing them affordable products and swift delivery options.

Planning Your Delivery:

While planning deliveries at Tender Sleep, our main focus is to satisfy our customers by working around their schedule. We value your time, for that reason, you don’t have to spend a whole day waiting for delivery. Our delivery team will inform you beforehand. They will give you a time frame in which they deliver the product. If you can’t make it in time, then please inform us, so we can postpone your delivery. After receiving your call, we will rearrange the delivery date without any additional charges. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Delivery Time:

All the packages will be delivered between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Please note that product delivery can get delayed due to some uncontrollable factors. The factors include traffic, road blockage, accidents etc. You will be informed beforehand if that ever happens. According to Consumer Contract Regulation (2013) it is your legal right to cancel the order and ask for a refund within 14 days of receiving your item. Failing to provide necessary details will lead to delays in your order. Please ensure you provide the accurate contact details, so our delivery team can contact you and keep you updated via text message or a call. If the goods you ordered are in stock, we aim to deliver it on the same day, based on your postcode. Please refer to the delivery map and if you experience any issues contact us at your leisure.

Handling Charges:

There won’t be any type of handling charges if lift is available in the building. However, if there is no lift available in the building, then the following handling charges will be applied;

  • Bed handling to the first floor is free, but you have to pay extra £10 for every proceeding floor.
  • Mattress handling charges are the same as of the bed. If you have ordered the bed and mattress altogether, then handling charges for every floor will be £10 except the first floor.
  • Wardrobe handling charges for the ground floor is free, but you have to pay £10 for every preceding floor.
  • Sofas handling charges for the ground floor is free, but you have to pay extra £15 for every proceeding floor.
  • Above-mentioned costs are handling charges that’s different from the delivery charges.