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Crushed Velvet Beds

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Combine style and substance with the crushed velvet beds. An ideal bed for contemporary style bedrooms, choose between the ranges of colours i-e silver, black, grey or champagne beds in a range of designs from ottoman to divan. Not only that, but they come in single, double and king as well as sizes, meant to spur up the overall look and appeal of your bedroom.
Crushed Velvet beds are not as versatile as wood or metal, but it’s more durable than any other types of fabric. Proper maintenance of crushed velvet beds will help you to increase the lifetime of these beds. It’s because of custom-made crushed velvet and mechanical twisting of the fabric.
Here at Tender Sleep, we’ve got these beds in a range of sizes, colours and storage options, i-e with drawers and ottoman storage capacity. Browse through our website and grab your favourite grey velvet be, crushed velvet ottoman bed, plush velvet bed and crushed velvet sleigh bed in various colours and styles for your bedroom.
Crushed velvet beds for themed home: 
Yes, the crushed velvet fabric is versatile and suitable for all types of bedroom interiors. This fabric is available in many amazing colours and intense themes. It looks perfect with a range of bedroom styles, from the Victorian cottage bedroom styles to contemporary style bedrooms.
Crushed velvet fabric will age naturally, the pile where you lie on might get ruffled. So, you can keep it looking glorious with light steam and a vacuum using an upholstery attachment.
Different velvet bed styles:
Browse through our stunning collection of beautiful, expressive and glorious crushed velvet beds. These beds are characterized with fabric structure instead of fibre itself, featuring a texture created with raised loops. Crushed velvet fabric is similar to velvet, but it features some irregular patches. We offer luxurious crushed velvet beds in all standard UK sizes i-e single, double, small double and king-size bed.

How to choose the perfect bed frame:

The bed frame allows you to add style in your bedroom, with its plush, soft fabric and luxurious feel. Simply choose the bed frame that highlights the desired theme of the bedroom, hence increasing their popularity. You can choose the frame, colour and size of the bed that highlights your desired bedroom theme. Here are some factors that you should consider while choosing the crushed velvet beds.

The mattress: The Most important thing that you must consider is to select the right size mattress. Furthermore, make sure the slats are almost 7 cm apart because larger spaces might cause wear and tear to the mattress.
The size of the room: Another essential factor is the size of the bed and room. A large bed in a small bedroom takes away the decorative effect of the bed.
Height: While buying the bed frames you should know that lower bed frames offer a calm feeling whereas higher frames will make the bed appear more spacious.

Velvet bed bases, footboards, and headboards

The crushed velvet beds are key accessories that you can add into your bedroom. There are certain things that can affect the velvet beds in the following ways:

The base: you have the option to select the platform base or a slatted base. The platform base is low, wooden, flat, and cheaper than the slatted base. On the other hand, slats are mattress-friendly, stronger, and comfortable.
Headboards: Headboards are also a vital thing, designed to keep pillows in its place. You can buy the headboards separately, to style up your bedroom. You can choose the chesterfield, tufted, panelled, or buttoned headboard design.
Footboards: Another important component of the luxurious master bed is the footboard. It is helpful to prevent the mattress from slipping. Low footboards are meant to create aesthetic appeal and help you to make your room look bigger. Whereas, high footboards will give the bed an elevated sense of grandeur.


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