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Wooden Bunk Beds

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The first thing that comes to your mind when picturing a wooden bunk bed is how much space it can save. Wooden bunk beds have always been a children’s domain, but that was during the early 90s. Now bunk beds are for children and adults alike. The change of guard for the wooden bunk beds leads to innovation. This is design and style. But that is not all wooden bunk beds do. They also provide comfort and durability to the masses. For the UK market, wooden bunk beds are perfect. All items listed are bang for the buck.

What is a bunk bed?

A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one or two standalone beds are stacked in a vertical setting. This allows two people to sleep in comfort all the way. Bunk beds are the future when it comes to converting wasted space into something useful. Here are a few things to consider before buying a bunk bed.

Space for the wooden bunk bed

The space between the bunks is an important component to look for. Bunk beds that have even space are considered to be spectacular. That is the key thing customers constantly look for when investing in a bunk bed. That is the same case with the range of Tender Sleep. All our wooden bunk bed line is a perfect balance. The space is for leisure. As you know wooden bunk beds are not for sleeping only. It can be used to spend time. An adequate amount of space is essential as it gives both sleepers a lot of breathing room.

The height of the wooden bunk bed

The height of the bunk bed is as significant as the wooden bunk bed. UK homes that have high ceilings can easily house any height of wooden bunk beds. The functionality of the wooden bunk beds will not stop in any way. Consequently, if you have a low ceiling then the bunk bed you desire might properly not be suited for your room. Tender Sleep suggests that you measure your ceiling to the base. Also account for breathing room for the top bunk. You want the occupier to sleep in comfort and not bang his head on the roof.

Accessories for the wooden bunk bed

Normally, bunk beds that are available in the market come with two distinct options. You can either have stairs or a built-in ladder. For some that idea is similar, but that is not the case. In a bunk bed with stairs, you step to reach the top bunk. Whereas all those beds with a built-in ladder climb your way to access the top bunk. Climbing is way easier than stepping. Modern bunk beds come with a ladder that is built into the bunk bed. This helps safely secure the whole process. All our wooden bunk beds come with this innovation.

Why use wood as a choice for bunk beds?

The next most important thing that you need to look for is the quality of material that comes into action. The metal bunk bed’s tenacity is truly outstanding. Whereas the wood used in the wooden bunk bed must be of high quality. That is why Tender Sleep uses hardwood. This is a strong type of wood that can provide stability and durability. It doesn’t matter what size of bunk bed you invest in. Having a sturdier frame is always a good sign that the materials that come into play will last longer.

Storage option for the wooden bunk bed

All the bunk beds in the market do come with the option of drawers. Sadly, that is not the case with our bunk beds. However, our wooden bunk bed does have underneath storage. This means that you can store various items without any issues. Bunk beds are known to be known to convert wasted space into something favourable. For example, space always gives kids the opportunity to store their toys. The same relies upon adults. If you have space issues you can always invest in our mirror sliding wardrobes. The 120 cm version can be great for small to medium rooms.

Safety for the wooden bunk bed

The only hazard for bunk beds is the guard rails. Not properly securing them could lead them to injury. That is why Tender Sleep uses stainless-steel components to secure the top bunk guard rails. We ensure that customers who invest in our wooden bunk beds are safe and secure. That is the same case for the triple wooden bunk beds. All four sides of the wooden bunk beds are secured. That is the same case for the built-in ladder. Customers can rest assured that their occupants are in safe hands.

The next thing is the most important of all. Your children should make the decisions as they tend to sleep in them. Explain what benefits each bunk bed brings and then let them choose. That is Tender Sleep offers a white wooden bunk bed for its customers. Almost all of our bunk beds are stylish and functional.

Tender Sleep offers a single wooden bunk bed and triple wooden bunk beds. We offer them in a variety of colours. They will look great in your bedroom.


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