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Grey Single Wooden Bunk Bed

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  • Affordable and Reliable
  • High-Quality Frame
  • Solid Wooden Material
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Guardrails Provided For Safety

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The Grey wooden bunk bed has a modern and simple style that will suit almost any room. The Grey bunk bed comes with a natural finish. It comes with a straight head and foot end.
The whole bunk bed can be split into two single beds at any time. The construction of a Grey wooden bunk bed involves solid wood. Thus, making it highly durable.
A built-in ladder is also present that provides easier access to and from the top bunk. Investing in the bunk bed will save time and money. Adults and children will be delighted to have them in their rooms.

The frame of the Grey Wooden Bunk Bed

The frame of the Grey bunk bed is solid wood. The foundation of the bunk bed has to be stable. This way the bottom bunk will be able to support the weight of the top bunk. Hardwood plays a critical role in providing for such a feat. Customers will be happy to know that the wooden bunk beds can be split into two single beds. So, in truth, you are getting two single beds for the price of one. The wooden ladder is built-in. This makes easier access to the top bunk. Stainless steel components affix with all the woodwork. They help keep the frame intact. As always safety rails are present on the top bunk. The White wooden bunk bed can easily accommodate kids and adults.

The design for the Grey Wooden Bunk Bed

The design for the wooden bunk bed is simple. Tender Sleep takes great pride in offering home décor items that follow a simple route. We bring traditional furniture into a modern setting. That is why the design element for the wooden bunk bed is off the scale. The natural finish of the Grey wooden bunk bed is the key here. It can easily blend with any décor you might have in mind. Customers do get the opportunity to paint whatever colour they might want to. The natural finish adds a canvas that allows this to happen.

Features for the Grey Wooden Bunk Bed

The wooden bunk bed features a simple aspect. Which is to be as compact as it can be. Bunk beds are well-known for their mobility and their ability to save space. They also have a passive skill that allows them to convert wasted space into something useful. Bunk beds also come with room underneath the bottom bunk. This allows you to store various items. The top bunk of the wooden bunk bed features safety rails. This helps keep the mattress as well as the occupant of the top bunk safe. Rest assured that the built-in ladder for the Grey bunk bed will be able to withstand the pressure.

The benefits of the Grey Wooden Bunk Bed

The benefits of the Grey wooden bunk beds are too many to name. Bunk beds are great money-savers. Customers who are on a tight budget will be able to accomplish this goal by buying this bed. At the same time, the bunk bed uses solid slats. The internal framework is famous for providing a comfortable sleep. Kids will truly love this bunk bed. The other amazing benefit of the bunk bed is that it can be split into two separate beds. Tender Sleep offers a Single Grey wooden bunk bed at low prices. Meaning they are perfect for budget shoppers. The natural finish bunk bed is value for money.

The colour of the Grey Wooden Bunk Bed

The colour choice for the wooden bunk bed is Grey. Currently, this type of bunk bed comes in a singular accent.  Grey is a prominent colour that can be painted over. This gives the customers the option to add any colour they desire. For many, the colour Grey is the start of new life. Almost all UK households feature Grey walls. The addition of this bunk bed to those décors will help you blend in properly. A natural finish wooden bunk bed is expensive if you view the market. But that is not the case for Tender Sleep. As we offer affordable rates across the whole field. This is not just for bunk beds. All our inventory is dirt cheap from the competition. This is due to the part that we know what you truly desire. Bargains.

Combo Offer

The single Grey wooden bunk bed comes with a combo offer. Customers do get the opportunity to add mattresses to their orders. Tender Sleep recommends the Semi-orthopaedic mattress as the suitable option for these wooden bunk beds. This will save you time and money. Both will arrive at your location at the same time if you order. To make sure that your delivery arrives before time, please provide the necessary contact details. Failing to do so will lead to delays. The assembly for the wooden bunk bed is much simpler. The instruction booklet can help you make the bed ready in no time.


Customers who have a hard time assembling the wooden bunk bed can always ask for a fitting service. This will carry a charge and Tender Sleep is in no way affiliated with these fitters. The Grey wooden bunk bed will arrive at your location in two to three flat-pack packages. All the things needed to assemble the bunk bed will be present in the package. If you feel anything is missing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Bed Type



Grey, White


2 Single Mattresses (Optional)






Built-in wooden ladder

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