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Are you looking for some exquisite beds in the UK? Those can fit in, regardless of the size of your room. Or are you shopping around for some classy best beds in the UK? They can add a glamorous and lavish touch to your bedroom décor. We have got them all.

Tender Sleep UK has cheap beds which can be afforded by anyone. We know that the furniture is an integral part of the house décor. Such furniture items shouldn’t be kept that expensive which go beyond the reach. This is the reason we have kept the prices very low and very economical. Once you visit our online store, you will adore all beds in the UK.

We have a variety of beds that are diversified. They are chic, modern, stylish, classy and traditional as well. This can give you a lot of help when it comes down to settling down on a bed. Best beds UK change the look and feel of the bedroom. All the beds by Tender Sleep UK do fulfil this need of the customer. They help in giving an entirely new look to the bedroom. To provide more convenience to our customers, we offer clearance sales now and then. You can find many beds for sale in the UK on our clearance and the occasional sale.

The bed sale in the UK is massive. We offer different discounts on different products. To be a part of the crowd, you have to dig in and choose. Beds UK varies in size, design, price and colours.

The best beds UK is the one that totally aligns with your bedroom theme. You certainly do not have to redo all the arrangements and paints of your bedroom. They can easily be found in the sale we offer. We provide free delivery of beds nationwide. For London, you have to wait one day until the item reaches your doorstep.

Different types of Bed Frames

You have the option to buy a separate bed frame with a separate mattress, but you can buy it in combination as well. It means you can simply get the matching mattress and bed both from the same place. Our wide collection of bed frames will make it easy for you to find the accurate size and style for you. Keep in mind that picking the right size and right height of the bed is vital; otherwise you may end up buying the wrong bed. Some bed frames come with practical built-in storage, such as storage drawers or ottoman storage. If you want to utilise the small bedroom space, then opt to buy the ottoman storage bed.

Bed sizes:

Beds come in a range of different sizes, colours, upholstery and material. You can buy the one that matches with your bedroom interior. These beds might look different and can have different dimensions, so never forget to measure the available space in your bedroom. Here at Tender Sleep, we offer standard bed sizes for single, small double, double and king-size. Mentioned below are the standard bed sizes that we are offering:

  Length Width
Single Bed Frame 205 cm 105 cm
Small Double Bed Frame 205 cm 135 cm
Double Bed Frame 205 cm 155 cm
King Bed Frame 215 cm 165 cm

How to select Perfect Bed for Your Room?

Here we are mentioning some most important things that you must consider while buying the perfect bed for your bedroom;

Size of the Bed

Measure your bedroom space and get the most suitable bed frame for your room. You can choose the bed size according to the available space. It can be a single, small double, double and king-size bed. Single bed or bunk bed will be the perfect option for a guest bedroom and kid’s bedroom.

Bed Material

After measuring the space now it’s time to select the material of the bed. It could be leather, fabric, wood or steel. There will be different options available to you i-e wooden, leather or metal that will look perfect with all types of bedroom decors.

Design of Your Bed

Another factor that you should consider while buying a bed for your room is its design. Keep in mind that considering the interior setting is crucial; otherwise you may end up buying the wrong bed for your room. The headboard and footboard is the most important part of the bed, you can choose the type of upholstery you need whether its fabric or leather. It’s best to pick the headboards and footboards with textures, and sometimes they also offer storage spaces within.

Comfort is Key

Keep in mind that it’s very essential to consider a luxurious bed, make sure you choose comfy, whether it’s a lather bed or a fabric bed. Never compromise on the overall quality of the bed. There are so many types of upholsteries available i-e faux leather, plush velvet fabric, crushed velvet upholstery, velvet fabric or plain fabric.


The overall quality and material of the bed plays a vital role in overall durability of the bed. Always consider buying the bed that comes with a specific warranty. Never forget to analyse the material used in crafting the bed. Furthermore, consider choosing an environment-friendly furniture item to create an impact.


The base of the bed plays an essential role in providing a sturdy base and mattress support. It’s better to prevent buying the under-weight bed because the light base won’t deliver a sturdy base. It will definitely make you feel uncomfortable.


Analysing the total capacity of the bed is important, irrespective of the fact that you choose a single bed or double bed. Based upon your needs you have to analyse whether you need a single bed, small double bed, double bed or king-size bed. Moreover, you can opt to have a bed base with an ottoman storage option or drawers storage space. It will help you to get the extra storage capacity in your bedroom, allowing you to keep the room’s clutter easily.

As we all know that earning money is really hard, so pay very close attention to the amount of the bed you are buying. When you have decided to buy beds online, never forget to check the quality of furniture items that you are buying.

Size of the Room
Measuring the available space present in your bedroom is also a very important part. Try to be accurate in your measurements. Otherwise, you will end up buying the large bed for the smaller room and vice versa. It’s very essential to have a reasonable amount of walking space around your bed. If you are planning to set the multifunctional bedroom, then choose the sofa bed as it will help you to save enough space while providing the double functionalities.

Make the Most of Space
People who are dealing with issues like space constraints should know how exactly they have to utilize the available space. If you don’t have enough space present in your bedroom to place the wardrobe plus you need extra space to store your bedding, then it’s better to buy an ottoman bed. These beds are meant to create extra storage space in your bedroom.



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