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Plush Velvet Heaven Bed

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Features of Plush Velvet Heaven Bed:

  • Headboard and Footboard with high padding
  • Diamond Diamanté
  • Chrome Legs with Link bars
  • Solid slat base
  • Velvet Fabric
  • Chesterfield Design
  • Double and King Size Bedframe
  • Special offer to purchase a mattress with this order.

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The heaven bed is a perfect opportunist. It brings change that truly desires it. The Chesterfield design with the velvet fabric are characteristics that make this bed wonderful. Customers who have a strong desire for comfortable sleep and function. Then this bed is the best candidate they can hope for. The compact size with a high headboard is what makes it a must-buy. Quality plays a key role in diversity for this bed. That is why Tender Sleep has gone to numerous lengths of providing products of great value. For this specific reason, the heaven bed is the go-to solution. If you are searching for something which has a maximum potential of being the best.

The frame of the Heaven bed

The frame of the heavenly bed is of solid wood. It has enough potential for stability and durability for this bed frame. The wooden frame plays a key role in the foundation of the bed frame. They keep everything simple. A metallic frame might give it a more aesthetic touch, but that is not the case. The finesse of wooden handiwork speaks volumes for the heaven bed. Tender Sleep is the perfect company for innovation. Box-Spring bases are so common that customers are getting tired of them.

That is why the heaven bed uses solid slats. These slats help bring stability to the bed frame without sacrificing quality. Box-spring bases are prone to faults, but the solid slats are not. To make sure the slats can stand the test of time, stainless-steel components keep them intact. Tender Sleep doesn’t rely on nails or staples to combine the bed frame. These are prone to be bent. Whereas stainless-steel components don’t. The heaven bed is part of the grounded bed collection. Meaning customers can rest assured of its ever-defining stability.

The design of the heaven bed

The design element for the heaven bed is truly divine. The bed in question comes with both the high headboard and footboard. But that is not why this bed is so amazing. The implementation of Chesterfield design is the key reason why this bed is unique. Chesterfield comes from British roots. To make matters more quintessential for this bed frame diamond diamanté are added. Instead of using fabric studs, tender Sleep goes too far-reaching lengths to make this a masterpiece. To top it off, the chrome legs are the final icing on the cake. The link bars help keep the foundation of the grounded bed as intact as possible.

What colour do we rely on for the heaven bed?

The colour for the heaven bed is simply breath-taking. Currently, Tender Sleeps sells the bed frame in the colour grey. In time more colours will arrive. Grey is a great colour to wrap itself around the bed frame. It combines healthy aesthetics for both the colour black and white. But on the frond grey is hard to impress colour. It is the perfect mascot if someone wants to identify intelligence. Unlike silver, a cousin for the colour grey, it blends in instead of showing off. Grey is the fruitful outcome for both colours black and white.

Which fabric wraps itself on the heaven bed?

The fabric for the heaven bed is simply fantastic. Tender Sleep relies on Velvet fabric to wrap the bed frame.
Linen is a common fabric that is mostly found in a variety of bed frames. To bring an innovative change, we introduce velvet fabric for this type of bed. The smooth texturing coupled with the robust shape is what makes it truly amazing. Plush velvet bed has all the benefits of velvet and none of the drawbacks. Moreover, the fabric in question can resist almost all hazards. Tender Sleep advises customers to not play the heaven bed in direct sunlight. It can fade the fabric in time.

The assembly for the heaven bed

The assembly for the heaven bed is easier. The heaven bed frame arrives in three to four boxes. Combining the various components for the bed frame is plug and play. Meaning that in no time can you assemble the bed yourself, or you can hire a professional assembler to do the job much faster. Keep in mind we do offer the service, but we have no affiliation with them. All assemblers employed by tender Sleep are third-party. And their charges vary. The instruction booklet clearly defines how to place each item. If for any reason you feel that any part is missing, please do not hesitate to inform us. Our customer support team will gladly resolve this dilemma as soon as possible.

Special offer

Customers who invest in the heaven bed frame do get the opportunity to add a mattress to the cause as well. By adding the mattress to your order for the bed frame you save money and time. As both items will arrive at your place of residence. You can choose the size of the bed as relevant for the size of the mattress. This is an optional offer. However, if you go through this offer, you will save a lot drastically in comparison to buying them separately. Tender Sleep suggests the 2000 pocket sprung mattress as the go-to mattress for this type of bed frame. The solid slats help keep the mattress fresh and the pocket sprung network helps keep you in comfortable sleep.

What is the box for the heaven bed?

Once you order the bed frame, it will come with a high headboard and footboard. Chrome legs with link bars will arrive as well. Solid slats and all the necessary components to assemble them. If you have availed of the combo offer the mattress will arrive as well.


Finally, we would like to thank our customers for the appreciation of our products. To make sure your orders face no delays. Please provide the necessary details regarding your location. Please mention your home number. If you are living in a flat, please do mention the floor and if there is a lift option.

Specifications of Plush Velvet Heaven Bed:

  • Arrives in Flatpack
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant



  • A– Headboard Height: 121 cm
  • B– Footboard Height: 50.8 cm

Double Bed Frame:

  • C– Length: (205 cm)
  • D– Width: (155 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)

King Bed Frame:

  • C– Length: (215 cm)
  • D– Width: (165 cm)

King Mattress Size: (150 cm x 200 cm)

All measurements are approximated









Plush Velvet Fabric

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