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A sofa is meant to create a powerful look and appeal in the living room. The right sofa style will help you to add a harmony in a matching shade or drama in a contrasting hue. We have a range of sofa sets to style up your living room at very affordable rates. Select the colour and size of sofa from our website, we will deliver it right at your doorstep. The sofa is the focal point in our living rooms, allowing us to sink into comfort and relax after a tiring day.

Here at Tender Sleep, explore our range of beautiful, well-crafted sofas without worrying about the quality. We deliver high-quality products. You can find all types of sofa designs whether it’s Shannon corner sofa, Verona sofa, Dino Jumbo cord sofa, farrow sofa, fabric chesterfield sofa, PU leather chesterfield sofa,
Florence sofa or swivel chairs.

You are advised to go for a classic feel with a soft to touch fabric sofa.  For big families, you must consider buying a leather sofa that’s easy to clean. But if you want to have a stylish showstopper sofa, then choose the plush velvet sofa. It will enable you to lean back and feel cushioned in utter luxury.

Choose the Sofa Size

Before buying the sofa, it’s essential to choose the accurate size depending on the space present in your living room. If you live in a small home with compact rooms, then choose the sofa that features a smart design.
If you want to have a minimalistic style living room interior, then opt to have a sofa in smart design.

But if you have a larger size living room, then it’s critical to consider the overall size proportion of your sofa. You just can’t choose to have a small size sofa in a huge, spacious living room. You can choose a 3+2 seater sofa or the gigantic style corner sofa along with a footstool and swivel chairs. But, in a standard size living room you can choose to have a corner sofa, allowing you to get lots of space to fill. Dedicated loungers who love to sprawl must have roomy design sofas in their lounge. These sofas are spacious enough to give people room to sit comfortably.

Deciding the sofa fabric


While choosing the sofa, it’s significant to consider the type of fabric you need. Decide the fabric you need based upon your bedroom interior and colour combination. When it comes to the fabrics of the sofa, consider the living room vibe that you want to create. If you want a light and fresh feel, then cotton blends in sofa fabrics will be ideal. While sumptuous, textured chenille will be perfect for the cosy and inviting living room.

Never forget to consider other life factors before buying your living room sofa, especially if you have pets to sit on your comfy sofa, or the little ones living in your house. In that situation, it’s vital to consider the material of the sofa and choose the one that’s easy to clean and hard-wearing. To get the classic look and appeal, consider our stylish PU Leather Chesterfield Sofa. Lighter shades in sofas look modern and stylish but consider darker shades if you want warm aesthetics in your home.

Sofa Trends

Want to get a trendy look and feel in your living room? Then try to add a grey colour in your living room as it’s a colour on-trend. In this regard you can buy a Grey tone sofa, it’s a neutral shade meant to blend with all types of bedroom interiors. Furthermore, you can also have velvet sofas in your living room to add a hint of opulence and glamour. Velvet will bring natural warmth, luxurious texture and a touch of style no matter which colour you choose. A classic chesterfield design with tufted details and scrolled arms are a perfect way to add new life to your living room.


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