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Verona Corner Sofa

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  • Premium quality fabric upholstery
  • Durable long-lasting hardwood frame
  • Deep, medium density foam seat cushions
  • Stylish patterned scatter cushions (plain from the backside)
  • Entail durable wooden frame with elegant chrome legs
  • This sofa comes with luxurious fabric pads filled with quality foam
  • Super stylish Verona sofa with foam-filled seating cushions
  • Consist of medium firmness, thick luxury foam seating

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Whenever a guest enters your home, the first thing they look at is your living room. As the famous line goes ‘The first impression is the last impression’. That is why investing in a majestic sofa is not only the best option but the most desired. A sofa brings the whole room into focus. You want you and your guest to be as comfortable as possible. That is why investing in the Verona Corner Sofa is the best choice for you. The smooth fabric brings the warmth you desire. The high-quality sofa truly will inspire countless generations.

The Frame of the Verona Corner Sofa

The frame of the Verona Corner Sofa is hardwood. Hardwood is a type of solid wood. It provides a durable foundation for the entire sofa frame. Before the plush velvet fabric comes into focus. The base of the Verona corner sofa includes a spring base. A foam padding fully wraps itself around the base springs. The Verona corner sofa is a full back sofa. The pressure points present on the back base help your body relax over time. The quality of the Verona corner sofa increases by ten-fold. Our furniture is known to be dual purpose.

The Design of the Verona Corner Sofa

Design is an important aspect of any home décor item. It speaks to you. The curved design with the smooth fabric brings inspiration to the furniture. That is why the Verona corner sofas are truly enthusiastic. The synergy of both the hardwood frame and the plush velvet fabric is awe-inspiring. Moreover, the sofa in question can blend in a wide array of interiors with little or no change at all. Tender Sleep’s focus has always been to provide home décor items that are affordable and high fashion. The opulence of our products is why you prefer them.

The fabric that inspires us for the Verona Corner Sofa

To make sure the Verona comer sofas stand out from the rest we rely on Velvet fabric. This distinct fabric not only brings the sofa into the 21st century but at the same time it is awe-inspiring. There were other fabrics, but this is the only one that truly complements the sofa. It matches the overall style and high fashion we like to bring into your living room. The soft to touch feel and tender aesthetics are something that makes this an astonishing product for your living spaces. Velvet fabric is known to be the only fabric in the market that is not prone to any hazards. It resists all of them. The dust and stain resistance are key to this fabric’s longevity. Tender Sleep suggests that the best way to keep the Verona corner sofa in tip-top shape is to keep it away from direct sunlight.

The colours for the Verona Corner Sofa

Colours are an accent for our eyes. It provides a perspective that is not only great but happiness incarnated. That is why colour plays a pivotal role in bringing home décor to life. Customers prefer furniture that is neutral to the cause. That these items can easily blend in perfectly with every other decoration you might have in your living space. That is why the Verona corner sofa comes in the infamous colour grey. This kind is prominent as it is present in many luxurious pieces of furniture. The only upside we get to why you choose the colour grey is that it can easily blend with your choices. The only downside is that you don’t invest in the whole package.  Living on a budget is a good compromise, but it is not every day you buy a new sofa set.

The Assembly for the Verona Corner Sofa

The time to assemble the Verona corner sofa is fairly simple. The Verona sofa does come partially assembled. This gives you the incentive to sort your space in no time. At the same time, the only thing left to assemble is the legs. The chrome legs with link bars are a good option to assemble the Verona sofa. Tender Sleep does offer you an opportunity to pick which corner you require.

Currently, the Verona corner comes in a universal setting. That means it can easily accommodate any corner you have in your living room space. An equipment pouch also comes with the Verona corner sofa. This houses all the items that you may require to assemble the sofa set without any issue. If you still think this is a hassle you can always rely on our third-party assembly service. Keep in mind we have no affiliation with the assemblers.

Reachability for the Verona Corner Sofa

Access to the Verona corner sofa is easy. It can easily accommodate up to five people simultaneously.  At the same time, the Verona sofa is of variable height, meaning that even children can easily climb on the sofa. The sofa in question is perfect for the aged and customers with disabilities. The soft fabric with pressure points relaxes these seasoned veterans in a way you can’t imagine. Tender Sleep Suggest starting with the corner sofa before venturing out to get the whole package. This way you get a hang of things. The Verona sofa set is also pet-friendly.


  • Partially assembled
  • Only legs are not assembled
  • Delivered in 3 pieces
  • Low back sofa
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


Corner Sofa:

  • Width: 240 cm x 240 cm
  • Depth: 90 cm
  • Height: 80 cm
  • Seat depth 60 cm
  • Floor to seat height 45 cm

All measurements are approximated



Grey, Mink

Arm style

Curved arms

Sofa type

Contemporary style


Plush Velvet Fabric

Seat type

Fibre Filled Seating

Cushion Filling

High-quality fibre

Sofa Size & Capacity

Corner sofa, Corner+2 seater sofa, Corner+3 seater sofa


Chrome Legs

Scattered cushions

Cushions with zippers (Included)

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