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Bunk Bed For Kids

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Cheap Bunk beds are the perfect solution for people trying to make the most of their bedroom space. Traditionally, bunk beds are associated with kids, but they can also be an excellent option while entertaining house guests.

Bunk beds are the best choice for a shared bedroom, it will allow you to have two beds in one small bedroom space. This bed style will help you to free up some extra space in your kid’s bedroom that can be turned into a play area. We offer diversely sized bunk beds for our customers in wood and metal, in different colour combination and ladder styles. Pick up your favourite bunk bed from Tender Sleep at very affordable rates.

Range of Bunk Beds for kids and adults:

Find out the latest variety of bunk beds at Tender Sleep. We gave you an offer to choose the bed along with the mattress at a discounted rate. You can choose the wooden bunk bed or the metal bunk beds, in a range of sizes, i–e single or triple bunk beds. These beds and delivered in flat packing and require easy self-assembly, due to the instructions manual. All the Bunk Beds are made up to the highest specifications, which means we never compromise sleeper’s safety.

Bunk beds make bedtime more fun

Furnishing and decorating your kid’s bedroom can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it might be a real headache. A bunk bed is a perfect solution to resolve space constraints, it can help you to free up lots of bed space to set a study table or play area for your kids. It’s a perfect place for kids to enjoy their sleeping space one above the other. 

Different kinds of bunk beds

Here at Tender Sleep, we have lots of variety in Bunk Beds. You have the option to buy a Wooden or Metal bunk bed. Besides that, you have the option to choose the size of the Bunk bed according to your space requirements that could be a single bunk or a triple bunk bed. Mostly, we have double bed frames, designed to support two beds mattresses one above the other. If you are looking to adjust three people in a single bed space then opt for a Triple Bunk Bed with a three-bed space that includes an upper single bed and a lower double bed, meant to accommodate three people at a time.

You can buy a single wooden bunk bed with a mattress at a discounted price. To buy a separate mattress (full orthopaedic mattress, semi orthopaedic mattress, etc.) you have to pay a little extra. So, yes, it’s profitable to select the Single Wooden Bunk Bed with Mattresses.


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