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Metal Bunk Beds

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Bunk beds are not only meant for kids, and for many, it is just conjecture. That these majestic beds are for kids only. That is not the case. Metal bunk beds are applicable for both adults and kids alike. In comparison to regular beds, bunk beds offer an array of advantages. This makes them more versatile than you can imagine. The key reason behind your investing in bunk beds revolves around sound logic. Which is that it frees up space, especially in small to medium homes. This gives you more room to move. At the same time, you can utilize the wasted space for something useful. Converting something for good intentions is what truly drives you. That is why Tender Sleep Bunk beds excel where others lack.

Design of metal bunk beds

The other reason why metal bunk beds for adults are great. They are designed to have space underneath them. These pockets allow you to store essential items for clear access. They have the tenacity to blend in perfectly with the décor in the room. They can easily join up with a desk or even a chest of drawers depending upon your preference. This is why many customers like yourself prefer to invest in the affordable solution that Tender Sleep offers.

Function for the metal bunk beds

Almost all metal bunk beds for adults that Tender Sleep offers have the option to transform the bunk bed into standalone beds. This is an exclusive offer meaning that you will not likely find it anywhere else. By disassembling the bunk beds into a standalone bed. It enhances your flexibility factor. At this junction, we would like to inform our customers that bunk beds are pretty spectacular home décor items. As they tend to be great for sleepovers. You can also put them in the guest room for your guests.

Feasibility for the metal bunk beds

Choosing a bunk bed is not that much of a challenge. Several factors come into play. To be clear when selecting the best bunk bed you need to consider some options. These include what material it comes in. The metal bunk beds double and single is a viable option. The next thing you need to look for is how much space do you have. These bunk beds are compact and take less space. The main takeaway is the price. You will be happy to know that Tender Sleep offers the metal bunk bed at low prices. Lastly when selecting a metal bunk bed is to select the type of bed you require. Currently, we offer Single Metal bunk beds and Triple Metal bunk beds.

Before we venture any further here is a simple guide to understanding metal bunk beds.

The cost of a metal bunk bed is far cheaper than the wooden version. On a simple budget, the metal bunk beds for adults can be a better feasible option than the wooden option. This is great for you if you are on a budget. However, if you have the resources, you can always go for the triple metal bunk bed with a high-class mattress. This is the premium iteration of our metallic bunk beds.

Materials for the metal bunk bed

Materials play a creative role in what you prefer. Most customers would go for the firm’s wooden version, but that is no longer the case.  Many customers feel that these offer better features than wooden bunk beds. They might seem cheaper but what they lack in cost is they enhance overall durability. For that reason, our range includes Heavy-Duty metal bunk beds. The hardwood bunk beds comprise high-quality wood and for that specific reason, they are expensive.

The size of the metal bunk beds

The size of the metal bunk bed clearly defines how to use them in your room. The single metal bunk beds are great for a small room but if you have a medium room then the triple metal bunk bed is the perfect answer. The other thing you might consider is how much weight the metal bunk bed can sustain. To a word of mouth, the top bunk bed can sustain far less than the bottom bunk.

The weight distribution for the metal bunk bed

That is why the metal bunk bed is the best option. The top bunk bed can easily sustain up to 100 kg of weight whereas the bottom bunk bed can withstand up to 250 kg. This is all due on the part if you choose the metal bunk bed. This might not seem an issue for kids but adults, it will be like a piece of the pie. Keep in mind that the above-mentioned weight also correlated with the total weight of the sleeper and the mattress. The semi orthopaedic mattress coupled with the metal bunk bed is a fruitful choice. These mattresses are not light or heavy in any sense. They provide relief and bring balance to the force.

The assembly for the metal bunk bed

The time to assemble metallic bunk beds is much less than the wooden bunk beds. Wood is a hard material but it is fragile. This means that if you exert enough pressure, you can break the wooden slabs in half. That is why these bunk beds are the way forward. Tender Sleep offers fitting services. These are almost tall third parties, and they carry a charge. They are great if you have other things to deal with.

The design of bunk beds signals its overall aesthetic. Almost all metal bunk beds come with a built-in stepladder. The access is always three. Customers who would like to bring a metal bunk bed home do it because it properly complements their interior designs. The placement of the bunk bed also plays a key role as it signals your overall design element for the bedroom.

Other things to ponder while selecting a bunk bed include size and type.

The single metal bunk bed

The single metal bunk bed is the standard bunk bed. It is a simple ensemble that comes with two bunks. Customers have been allowed to add a semi-orthopaedic mattress to their order. It suits the single metal bunk bed and the triple metal bunk bed perfectly. These can be transformed into a standalone bed. Which gives you the option to use them as single beds.

Safety Features

All metal bunk beds come with the option of a safety rail that prevents the top mattress and the sleeper from falling over. The metal bunk bed can sustain the weight as well as provide the safety you need.  The other thing that the metal bunk bed strives on is the noise. Compared to a wooden bunk bed the squeak level is at a minimum. The style of the metal bunk bed is contemporary. Unlike modern designs, contemporary deals with traditions. This means that bunk beds that fall in this category are heavy duty.


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