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High Gloss Wardrobes

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Are you looking to revamp your bedroom furniture? Add your favourite High Gloss Wardrobe with sliding mirror doors. There are numerous amazing designs available in these types of high gloss wardrobes, you can choose the one that suits your bedroom interior. High Gloss Wardrobes are available with sliding doors or a hinged door, pick the one that suits your needs.

High gloss bedroom furniture will help you to get the luxurious and stylish bedroom interior. Whether you are decorating the master bedroom or the guest room, a high gloss wardrobe will look appealing everywhere. Nowadays, people are more interested in buying high gloss matching furniture that include a wardrobe, bed, chest of drawers and beds.

Here at Tender Sleep, you can check out our latest collection of high gloss wardrobes. It includes stylish wardrobes with spacious designs, and distinct door variations to suit everyone’s needs. All our products are verified and certified because we want to deliver the best to our customers. The amazingly designed white gloss wardrobes are available in classic designs and excessive storage space to suit all types of bedroom interiors.

Storage capacity:

We have high gloss wardrobes in a range of sizes and storage capacities i-e single, double or triple doors. You can easily select the wardrobe that fits your bedroom space. The premium line of these high gloss wardrobe collections are made up of genuine raw materials such as high-quality chipboard, wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and so on, meant to guarantee a longer lifespan. These High Gloss Wardrobes are spacious enough to keep your clothes organized all in one single place. You can either go for the modern styled versions or you can opt for simply designed ones depending on your preference.

Affordable price:

Select your favourite white high gloss wardrobe at very affordable rates from Tender Sleep. Grab your desired High gloss wardrobe based on design, space, colours and features. These incredibly priced high gloss wardrobes are well-equipped with robust design and adjustable features, making it very popular among customers. You can even customize the wardrobe interior and ask for more hanging rails depending upon your needs.

Benefits of high gloss wardrobe finish:

Actually, there are so many types of wardrobe finishing from which you can choose the one for your bedroom. But choosing the High Gloss wardrobe can really be beneficial for you in certain ways, as described below;


  • Glossy finish is perfect to deliver sleek, elegant and contemporary feel
  • It Reflects light throughout the bedroom to make it look more spacious
  • Glossy exterior of wardrobe can easily be cleaned and wiped down
  • High gloss finishing of bedroom furniture will add modern touch

Customized High Gloss Wardrobes interior:

The best thing about a high gloss wardrobe is that you can easily customize its interior to get the most sophisticated look within your bedroom. While ordering from the Tender Sleep, you can easily order the extra hanging rails along with your wardrobe. There are a variety of wardrobes available in our high gloss category from which you can choose the one you like the most depending upon your interior.

Features of High-Gloss Wardrobes:

High Gloss Wardrobes offers so many wonderful features from design and finishing to size and height of the wardrobe. You can order the wardrobe with natural wood finishing to high gloss exterior, it all depends upon your choice. There are some wardrobe designs that feature several colours on each panel. They might have high gloss finishing on the side panels of the wardrobe with sliding mirror doors. You also have the option to get the wardrobe with the hinged doors instead of sliding mirror doors.

Never forget to measure the dimensions of the place where you want to place the wardrobes before placing an order. Keep in mind that dimensions of different models of wardrobes might vary, some of them are built to fit even into small spaces, while others wardrobe designs are relatively larger providing a huge amount of storage space to stock clothing and accessories.

What steps should you take to find a wardrobe?

Before buying the wardrobe, there are few critical things that you must consider. Some of them are discussed below;

    • Measuring: Never forgot to measure the available space present in your bedroom, before you order a wardrobe. Here at Tender Sleep, we have a range of sizes available in the High Gloss Wardrobes. But if you have a huge amount of space present in your bedroom, then analyse your storage needs and then order the one accordingly.
    • Colour and style choices: while selecting the wardrobe, don’t forget about your main entrance door or the bedroom doors, especially if you are ordering the assembled wardrobe.
  • Features: Before buying the wardrobe, you must analyse the type of clothing you actually want to store within your wardrobe. Check whether you want more hanging rails in your wardrobe or the shelf space. It will help you to customize the wardrobe interior based on your needs.

Things to consider while buying high gloss Wardrobe:

There are so many things that you have to consider while buying the high gloss wardrobe, here we are explaining few things;

  • First you must choose the type of wardrobe that you need, whether it’s hinged wardrobe, freestanding wardrobe, sliding mirror door wardrobe or fully fitted. For small bedrooms opt to pick a sliding door wardrobe, but if you have an old style traditional bedroom with sloping ceilings, odd angles and awkward alcoves then select Fitted designs as they are custom-made but more expensive.
  • Second, you have to measure the available space in your bedroom. If you have a limited amount of space present in your bedroom, then consider selecting a smart wardrobe with mirror sliding doors. Keep in mind that a large piece of furniture is hard to move around within or outside the bedroom.
  • Thirdly, consider the functionality of the wardrobe and know how much storage space you need to have. Checkout the length of hanging space based on the type of clothes you want to store in the wardrobe. For dressing gown, long coats or the evening gowns you need more hanging space.

Check Wardrobe Practicality:

Before buying the black gloss wardrobe, you are suggested to check the wardrobe’s practicality. Keep in mind that it’s a bulky piece of furniture, and its sturdiness depends upon the type of its feet. So, never forget to balance out the wardrobe before purchasing it. Other than that, here are some other factors that you must consider purchasing the best wardrobe:

  • Check sizes and dimensions: Before buying the wardrobe, you are recommended to analyse the amount of space present in the room and wardrobe dimensions. After that, you can choose the suitable wardrobe for your bedroom. The most effective way of measuring the floor space is to plot the wardrobe shape on the floor with masking tape.
  • Delivery: The next thing that you have to confirm with the delivery team is its delivery charges or handling charges. Do check the available space in the hallways, doorways and stairs to ensure its fitting in the available space.
  • Assembly: while buying the wardrobes, decide whether you want to get it assembled from the professionals or want to assemble it at home. Wardrobes that you purchase from Tender Sleep are unassembled wardrobes. So in that case it’s good to book the assembly and handling of the wardrobe, so our professionals will help you in the product assembly.  Keep in mind that you have to pay extra charges for delivery and handling of the wardrobe at your respective floor.


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