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Black Gloss Wardrobe with 3 Mirror Sliding Doors- Marsylia 255cm

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Features of Marsylia Black High Gloss Wardrobe:

  • high gloss finish wardrobe
  • Two size variants
  • One mirrored door
  • Soft-closing device
  • LED Light with European Plug (included)
  • Customizable interior (Optional)
  • Interior by Default
  • Huge Shelves storage
  • Stylish metal handles, metal runners and hinges.
  • Classic neutral colour to suit all decors

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The Black gloss Wardrobe is the perfect answer for customers looking for a wardrobe that brings elegance to their rooms. The design element of the wardrobe merges with the simplicity we offer at affordable prices. Tender Sleep is famous for bringing home décor items that are not only affordable but at the same time beneficial.

The black wardrobe comes in an elegant 255 cm wide size. A rare size that is available for customers to order and bring to their bedrooms. The black gloss wardrobe is great for customers who have storage issues. The wardrobe in question can easily house your essential and non-essential items.

The frame of the Black Gloss Wardrobe:

The frame of the Black gloss wardrobe is of solid wood. The design element of the wardrobe is a high gloss, and the sides of the black high gloss wardrobe come in a matte finish. The synergy of these two variants helps bring ingenuity to your bedroom for no extra cost. Tender Sleep relies on Hardwood for the black high gloss wardrobe. This wood type is perfect for a wardrobe of this magnitude.

Hardwood is famous for providing the necessary durability without sacrificing the support that wooden material brings to the table. It is also famous for being the only material that is dust mite and moisture-free. Therefore, tender sleep employs materials that are good for the environment and perfect for our customers.

Design Element of the Black Gloss Wardrobe:

The design element of the black high gloss wardrobe is simple at best. For this reason, customers can observe the margining of traditional design with modern times. Back in the day, wardrobes were to be fitted and rely on swing mechanisms. But with the passage of time and innovation has led to the creation of rails that allow the door to be slid across. Keeping up the tradition alive is something Tender Sleep is famous for.

For this reason, all our Marsylia collections come with exclusive aluminium tracks that help the doors glide across with little or no effort. To finally sum up the whole wardrobe, we have taken the liberty to install metallic handles that allow customers to access the wardrobe with a single touch.

New Additions

In the innovation phase of the black gloss wardrobe, Tender sleep has done wonders by adding a mirror to the sliding door. Mirrors with wardrobe is a sign of luxury. Tender sleep always brings affordable furniture for customers who are on a tight budget. The mirrors are the perfect opportunity for customers who want to not only feel like a million pounds, but also look like a million pounds. Tender Sleep is the only online retailer that provides customers with the opportunity to inspect the mirror before taking any delivery whatsoever. If customers feel that the mirrors are not in the proper size, then call us as soon as possible.

What comes in the black high gloss wardrobe?

Space has always been an issue for customers whenever they move to a new home. This is where the Marsylia wardrobe comes in handy. The compact design with one mirror and three sliding doors are what makes this a majestic wardrobe. Clutter and messy rooms will be gone forever when you order this wardrobe. The wardrobe can house up to six shelves, three bottom-drawers, three sliding doors and three hanging rails.

Customizable options are also available for this wardrobe as well. You can add another hanging rail by lessening the number of shelves. The wooden shelf count for the wardrobe is limited, however, the count of hanging is infinite.You can add as many hanging rails as the wardrobe can hold. The wardrobe comes with three drawers as standard. Perfect for holding jewels and ornaments. They come with sleek metallic handles. If you require an extra hanging rail, that can be done as well. It will cost you £20.

Assembly of the Black Gloss Wardrobe:

The assembly of the black gloss Marsylia wardrobe is meaning it takes less than twenty minutes to assemble the whole wardrobe. All components to get the wardrobe ready are durable in the wardrobe. Stainless steel struts help keep the wardrobe in place. Before assembling the wardrobe, please use the flat-pack packaging for a base. Tender Sleep offers third party assemblers if you seek professional help assembling this wardrobe. Keep in mind, we have no affiliation with these professionals.

Maintenance of the black high gloss wardrobe:

Maintaining the wardrobe is not a hassle for anyone who buys the wardrobe. The microfiber cloth and the usual oiling of the track are some common tips for customers that come in handy. The access to the wardrobe is simple and customers of any height can reach the shelf without any issues. A safety latch is also present to make sure the sliding door does not open accidentally. This is an exclusive by Tender Sleep.



  • 3 Sliding doors: 255 cm width x 225 cm height x 66 cm depth

All measurements are approximate

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