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Ottoman Storage Beds

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Ottoman beds feature a hydraulics system in the under bed compartments, that offer a practical storage solution without sacrificing style. These ottoman storage beds are great for small bedrooms where storage is limited and
are easy to use. These ottoman storage beds are perfect for people who want to have extra storage space in their bedroom.

You can easily minimize the amount of clutter in your bedroom with these storage beds. Instead of buying a separate wardrobe you can manage to store your clothes, extra beddings, pillows, duvets,
etc in your ottoman bed.

Benefits of Ottoman Storage Beds:

The ottoman storage bed is a space-saving item meant to help people to utilize the room space perfectly.
It’s so easy to use, all you have to do is to lift-up the lid that makes use of the whole area of the frame. Ottoman bed frames are designed to solve all types of storage issues as they allow you to store lots of things,
allowing you to maximize your floor space without the need for additional wardrobes, drawers or cupboards.

1. Comfortable

The best thing about ottoman storage bed is its comfortability. You can use all types of mattresses on your ottoman storage bed. Normally people think ottoman storage beds might be flimsy, lumpy or uncomfortable.
Fortunately, that’s not the case. Ottoman storage beds are strong and sturdy, and when you top it up with a plush mattress, it provides a relaxing good night of sleep.

2. Affordable

An ottoman storage bed is available at very affordable rates.  It’s a two in one solution for people that offers great value to its users in less amounts. It doesn’t only allow you a comfortable sleeping space,
it also provides plenty of storage space underneath. Allowing you to store books, accessories, clothes and bedding.

3. Storage Space

Ottoman storage beds come with built-in storage space, helping you to make the most of the available space. There are different types of storage beds that you can have in your bedroom.
It’s completely up to you whether you choose ottoman storage or storage drawers. Ottoman storage beds are available at a bit higher price as compared to beds with storage drawers.

4. Versatile

The ottoman storage beds are a popular furniture piece due to its versatility. You can use the single ottoman storage bed as an additional seating area, mostly in a small apartment or a multi-purpose family room.
When you want to use the ottoman storage bed for sleep, you can quickly convert it.

5. Various Sizes

You can buy the ottoman storage bed in so many sizes, starting from single, small double, double, king-size bed. This bed is so wonderful that once you will buy it for your room,
you will definitely need it for every bedroom!

6. Easy Maintenance

Ottoman beds are effortless to maintain and clean. These beds
come with a sturdy and sprung slatted base that supports the mattress perfectly. The bed is really effortless to maintain and repair. During its lifetime, it doesn’t need much repair on your behalf.

Types of Ottoman Storage Beds:

Here at Tender Sleep, we offer a range of different beds featuring a typical lift-up mechanism of its ottoman base.
These beds are available in lots of different styles and functions, from which you can choose the best bed for your home.

  • Upholstered ottoman beds

The most popular form is an upholstered ottoman storage bed. These beds are normally upholstered with faux leather, velvet finish, or woven materials, meant to offer a soft surface to its users.
These beds usually come with built-in headboards in matching fabric. You can choose the fabric and colour according to your bedroom interior.

  • Wooden ottoman beds

Another popular form is a wooden ottoman storage bed, known for its minimalist look. These beds are finished with neutral shades to compliment both modern and rustic homes.
You can have these wooden beds in oak or walnut colours that will definitely stand the test of time and considered ideal for those who regularly change their bedroom interiors.

Suitable Mattress for Ottoman Storage Bed:

Buy the bed frame together with the mattress as a deal at affordable rates. Here at Tender Sleep, we have a wide range of mattresses from which you can choose the one that suits your needs.
It includes;Orthopaedic mattress, Hybrid Mattress, 
2000 pocket sprung Mattress
 (Optional: Pillow Top/Euro Top) and a lot more. If you buy a mattress separately then, it might cost a little extra.
So, yes, it will be a cost-effective decision to buy a crushed velvet divan bed with a Mattress.


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