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Plush Velvet Beds

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Our plush velvet beds are luxurious items that you can have in your bedroom. It’s available in a range of colours and sizes and designs to make your bedroom look more appealing.
The plush velvet fabric upholstery makes a magnificent style statement due to its level of softness and classy appeal.

What is Plush Velvet?

Velvet Fabric offers a highly distinctive soft texture and Plush word is meant to describe the luxurious item. The Velvet upholstery is very smooth fabric to touch, reflecting natural and artificial light perfectly.

Irresistible Plush Velvet Beds

Want to have a luxurious bed? Then opt for the bed upholstered in plush velvet fabric. The plush velvet fabric itself screams opulence and splendour within your bedroom.
We use the finest quality of plush velvet fabric to give a royal look and appeal to the beds. The plush velvet fabric upholstered beds are the crown jewels that you have in your bedroom,
available in lots of different shades and designs to blend perfectly with your bedroom interior.

What is available in plush velvet?

Here, at The Tender Sleep, browse through our plush velvet collection of beds and headboards. It’s really impressive with lots of colours, size variations and designs.
You can get the stylish plush velvet upholstered beds at very affordable rates with classic headboard, attractive wooden or chrome legs, and compatible mattress.

This fantastic design of the plush velvet bed delivers softness, allowing you to sleep well in comfort.
It’s available in multiple colours and textures, this bed is designed to blend with all types of bedroom interiors. The high-quality Plush Velvet fabric is detailed with diamanté crystals on its headboard and footboard.

How to look after plush velvet material?

For all the upholstered fabrics, care and maintenance is essential, especially if you have a plush velvet bed or headboard. Here are some of the plush velvet cleaning tips that you can implement:

  • To clean the plush velvet bed all you have to do is to spill some liquid, soak it up with a dry and use it to clean up.
  • But if you have some permanent stains, then mix up some mild detergent with water and gently blot the stains with the suds
  • While cleaning up the plush velvet fabric, you are suggested to wipe the stains in straight movements and avoid rubbing the fabric.
  • After cleaning the stain now you have to blot the fabric with a dry white cloth
  • After that, you can use a hairdryer to dry the area faster

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