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Royal Blue Bed with Butterfly Wingback Headboard

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Features of Royal Blue Butterfly Wingback Bed:

  • High-quality Chesterfield Upholstered Bed
  • Plush Velvet Fabric Upholstery
  • Solid Frame
  • Plush velvet headboard and footboard
  • Solid slat base built to last
  • Chrome legs
  • Cushioned to allow maximum comfort

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The Royal Blue Bed is the newest addition to our spectacular collection. The butterfly wingback is the perfect answer for customers who are looking for a prestigious bed for their bedroom. The arc headboard with the diamond diamanté is one of the reasons why the royal wingback bed stands out. Currently, the Royal Blue  Butterfly Wingback bed only comes in double size. The massive scale of the Royal Blue bed in the images is nothing less than a masterpiece. The royal plush velvet bed is compact. Moreover, the bed frame in question also comes with a high footboard. This allows you to snuggle in the bed when you need it the most.

The Design of the Royal Blue Bed

The design element for the royal blue bed is truly inspiring. It combines modern aesthetics with a contemporary feeling. Both the high headboard and footboard easily incorporate Chesterfield designs. The fabric studs that come with the Chesterfield design are replaced by Diamond diamanté. To make the design come alive, the plush velvet makes itself known. The whole reason behind why the royal wingback bed comes in the colour of the Royal Navy is because it calms your sense. Blue is a great colour for serenity. That is why the royal wingback bed is the best possible answer if you want to bring a change into your bedroom.

The frame of the Royal Blue Bed

The frame of the royal blue bed incorporates hardwood. This is a type of solid wood which gets sturdier with use. We think hardwood is the best possible answer to an effortless frame. To make sure the frame of the royal wingback bed Butterfly Wingback can handle all the pressure, stainless-steel components come into play. These components in the long run will be able to keep the bed frame intact. The Royal Blue Butterfly Wingback bed uses solid slats. These slats are the foundation for this kind of bed. Slats play a pivotal role in keeping the bed frame intact. It gives the mattress and the sleep enough breathing room. The wider scale of the headboard gives it a more royal look.

The headboard of the Royal Blue Bed

All tender sleep furniture brings a unique sense. Every item in our collection is wonderful. This is the same concept for our unique headboard. The plush velvet materials that wrap the headboard come with soft padding. This padding enables you to feel relaxed once you sit upright to it. The pressure points are most commonly found in the mattress and also in the headboard. It is common in the UK to have headboards. This is due to the part that UK weather is always rainy. To protect walls from generating abrasion, a headboard comes in handy. The warmth that forms the headboard is the definitive factor for this dilemma. (Abrasion happens when water seeps into your walls).

Plush Velvet

The Royal Blue Butterfly Wingback bed looks spectacular in plush velvet. The fabric we rely upon is not only lavish but elegant. Velvet is the most desired fabric in the market today. The richness in the texture and the smoothness are factors to why customers prefer this fabric.  Plush velvet in royal blue is truly mesmerizing. Velvet has the unique ability to resist almost all hazards. The only downside is that the fabric is highly absorbent. Meaning, if you spill liquid on it, clean it off as soon as possible. The fabric we rely on is high quality and pet-friendly. Customers who have invested in the bed are singing praises. They say this is the best bed since sliced bread.

The maintenance for the Royal Blue bed

The maintenance for the Royal Blue Butterfly Wingback bed is basic. A paper towel comes in handy if you ever spill liquid on the fabric. Keep in mind that plush velvet absorbs liquids at a faster rate. To avoid spots on your fabric, please avoid rubbing the stains. If your velvet fabric is truly in a bad shape, then the best option would be to hire a professional to clean your fabric. They will charge you extra, but it would be worth the cost.

Royal Blue

The butterfly wingback bed comes in the colour royal blue. This is one of the seven primary colours of the spectrum. Blue is as a colour that brings a warmer sense. Customers who have a blue wall will gladly loathe this bed. Blue is the only colour of spectrum that can easily blend with accent colours and complementary colours without any issues. With this colour, you can create a clean look. From a health perspective, blue helps lessen blood pressure and heart rate. For customers who are weight conscious, blue is the mascot for them.

Assembly for the Royal Blue bed

To assemble the royal blue Butterfly Wingback bed is not that hard. You can assemble the bed. Normally, it would take you 30-45 minutes, depending on your proficiency in fixing stuff. But if you consider this a challenge, then you can book Tender Sleep’s assemblers. They can get the bed frame ready in less than 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the assemblers are 3rd part, and we have no affiliation with them.


When you order the Royal Blue Butterfly Wingback bed, you get the headboard and the chrome legs as standard. The headboard comes in floor standing design. The bed frame comes in 4 flat-pack packaging. Customers who invest in this bed frame do have the option to add a mattress to the order itself. This will save you time and save you money as well.


When placing an order, please include your exact location, door number and floor. Failing to provide us with the exact details may incur a delay in your delivery.

Specifications of Royal Blue Butterfly Wingback Bed:

  • Delivered in Flatpack
  • Easy to assemble
  • All instructions and tools arrive with the bed frame.
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


Double Bed Frame:

  • length of the bed=210 cm
  • width of the bed=147 cm
  • Width of the headboard=185 cm
  • height of the headboard=132 cm
  • width of the footboard=147 cm
  • height of the footboard=59 cm

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)

King Bed Frame:

  • length of the bed=210 cm
  • width of the bed=157 cm
  • Width of the headboard=200 cm
  • height of the headboard=132 cm
  • width of the footboard=157 cm
  • height of the footboard=59 cm

King Mattress Size:(150 cm x 200 cm)

All measurements are approximate.




Tufted chesterfield & Diamond Diamantes


Solid wooden slats


Chrome Feet


Butterfly Wingback


Plush Velvet Fabric

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