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Grey Rose Chesterfield Bed Frame

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The grey Rose Chesterfield bed frame is a budget choice by tender sleep. It brings a sense of grace coupled with smooth fabric. The Chesterfield bed frame is everything you can imagine. It makes traditional design leap forward to modern aesthetics. It banks on how simplicity plays a critical role in your lives. That is why Tender Sleep furniture focuses on bringing home décor that is functional in every way possible. The addition of this new design of bed frame brings a subtle change in how we view budget choice. To make matters grander, all the things you see in the above picture are present when you order the bed frame. Except for the mattress which also comes with a special offer with this bed frame. The ambience and the overall form factor of the Chesterfield bed frame are timeless.

Chesterfield bed frame

The frame of Chesterfield bed frame is of solid wood. Tender Sleep takes great pride in adding high-quality materials which are crucial for any bed frame. That is why hardwood is a great choice of material for this bed frame. We rely on solid slats to provide the base that every person desires. Unlike a Box-spring base, solid slats are a viable option. The spacing in the slats successfully manages the pressure of the mattress. This is beneficial for the sleeper and the mattress itself. The air vents present on the outside of the mattress keep the whole affair fresh. The more force comes in contact with the better the results will be.To make sure the Chesterfield bed frame doesn’t lose any durability stainless-steel studs are present. These components keep the Chesterfield bed frame intact. A single strong hardwood beam lays the groundwork for this bed frame.

Design for the Chesterfield bed frame

The design for the grey rose Chesterfield bed frame is kept simple. Our craftsman makes sure that the synergy found in all of our home décors stays intact. The simplicity of the bed frame is off the scale. The access to the bed is the formal two sides. The high headboard and the footboard add a sense of regal feel. No longer our bed frames are the mascots of obscurity. They are the champions of blending in properly. To bring a great masterpiece requires a design that has stood the test of time. For this remarkable bed, we have used the Chesterfield design, which greatly brings traditional volume back into the mix. The design element is present both on the headboard and the footboard. This is why simple design coupled with quality materials is the answer.

The fabric of choice for the Chesterfield bed frame

Fabric is the only thing that matters to customers. The cosmetic view of the Chesterfield bed frame requires an in-depth understanding of why we rely on this fantastic fabric.Velvet has stood the test of time just like Chesterfield. It is the most desired fabric in the market today. The smooth texturing with high quality is the advent of high fashion. Plush velvet wraps around the whole bed frame.  The velvet fabric is famous as it can easily resist almost all hazards. Customers who invest in the Chesterfield bed frame should always keep the placement in the centre <ahref=”https://tendersleep.co.uk/”>Tender Sleep suggests keeping the bed frame away from direct sunlight.  This fabric has the uncanny ability to absorb dirt and dust. Meaning using a vacuum cleaner does come in handy.

 Colour for the bed

Colours are an important aspect of any home décor. They give up the option of how great they look. That is why for the Chesterfield bed frame, we have selected a truly inspirational colour.Tender Sleep relies on the grey colour. This ethereal colour is finesse in every way possible. This is the by-product of both black and white colours. Unlike silver, the colour grey blends in perfectly. For many, the colour personifies intellect and wisdom.

What happens when we order this Chesterfield bed frame?

When you order this bed frame, you get everything found in the images except the kitchen sink. You get the bed frame, the high headboard, the high footboard, solid slats base and chrome legs.When the bed frame arrives at your location it also comes with the necessary instruction on how to assemble the bed frame. The time frame to get the bed ready in less than thirty minutes. If you think that the assembly of the Chesterfield bed frame is a hassle,  you can always avail of our third-party service. Keep in mind that we are in no way affiliated with these assemblers.The whole bed frame will arrive at your location in four to five boxes. This depends on the size you choose. All the components arrive in flatpack packaging.

 Special offer for this bed

As always, all our bed frames are available on our website. They come with the special offer of adding a mattress to your bed frame order. This is done to lessen your overall cost for the bed.
When both arrive at your location, you feel a sense of awe. This is not a complementary offer. This offer lessens the overall counter-productivity which happens when you order the bed frame but forget the mattress. The size of the mattress will be the same as the bed frame. You can pick which mattress suits you. Tender Sleep offers a massive selection of mattresses. The 2000 pocket sprung mattress is the best candidate for this job.

Specifications of Emma Ambassador Bed Frame with Velvet Upholstery

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Arrives in Flatpack
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant



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