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Ideal 3 Seater Sofa with Matching Footstool

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Features of Sofa

  • High Wooden Legs
  • Relaxing Sofa with Plush Velvet Upholstery
  • Thick Fibre Filled Seating
  • Straight Arms Style

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The softness of the plush velvet, which is also incredibly pleasant to touch, served as inspiration for the design of the sofa set. An Ideal 3 Seater Sofa with Matching Footstool is the visual representation of luxury, comfort, class, and style. This stylish product provides a convenient way to accommodate special guests. This product enhances the glamour of your room and grabs the attention of every person on the first look. It allows everyone to feel the luxury in their living room. It is the name of comfort and is suitable for creating an elegant environment.

The wooden legs are best for boosting the luxurious look of this product. Enhance the appeal of your living room with this graceful piece. It offers a pure feeling of comfort with complete luxury. It supports your back, letting you sit up to read, watch TV, or simply have a conversation. Due to the high demand from our valued customers, a masterpiece has finally become affordable at “Tender Sleep.” This product makes you feel comfortable and stress-free at the same time.

Furthermore, the plush velvet upholstery on this three seater sofa gives it a completely different vibe. Ideal for spreading your legs out on a night in, this multipurpose sofa with matching stool has a pleasant, modern, and retro appeal. This incredible product keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This 3 Seater Sofa is perfect for cuddling up in comfort with the entire family, or you can spread out and enjoy it by yourself. The Ideal Sofa is a centerpiece and is easy to match with contemporary room interiors. For people who live in small homes, this sofa makes it possible for you to have the comfortable living room you deserve. This outstanding product has thick, plush velvet upholstery for exceptional comfort. Tender Sleep offers this remarkable piece at a low cost for the convenience of their loyal customers.

Frame of 3 Seater Sofa

However, the plush velvet upholstery on the 3 seater sofa makes it more attractive and comfortable. It makes you comfortable and more relaxed. An Ideal 3 Seater Sofa, which provides comfort and an opulent feel for adding style to your room, can enhance the beauty of the space. We use premium material in the manufacturing process of this magnificent piece. Its high-quality frame is more reliable, sustainable, and available at an affordable price. Sitting on this sofa will relieve all your stress and make you feel relaxed. The sturdy wooden legs of this product add extra support and toughness to the overall structure. The sofa’s sturdy wooden legs support it off the ground. This item has gorgeous plush velvet upholstery that gives the interior of your living room a timeless, opulent feel.

Design Parameter

Moreover, the eye-catching design provides an optimal combination of style and comfort. You can enjoy and watch your favourite TV shows while laying comfortably on it, making it a comfortable setting for conversation sessions. The contemporary style provides a unique look by adding more grace to your room. The product is durable and made up of high-quality materials. It is available in 3 seating options with a matching stool for the convenience of the customer. It offers prominent features and is perfect for your room. So, this product’s best hardwood construction increases its durability. The sturdy structure, which boosts the product’s stability, allows it to stand the test of time with ease. The upholstery is made of plush velvet, which combines the best manufacturing techniques with cutting-edge design to offer even more comfort. It provides beautifully balanced comfort, style, and luxury for productive conversation sessions in a relaxed setting.

Quality of Ideal 3 Seater Sofa

The sofa set stands out from others on the market in terms of comfort and quality thanks to the plush velvet construction of the 3 seater, which adds relaxation.

In fact, the softness of the plush velvet, which is also incredibly pleasant to touch, served as inspiration for the design of the sofa set. When perfection and elegance are combined with the coordinating stool that is provided with the sofa, the value of this product is increased. It provides a cosy environment after a long, tiring routine. Relax and stretch out your daily stresses with softness and comfortability.

Formation of Ideal 3 Seater Sofa

Tender Sleep” offers this exceptional piece in grey and green colour. Grey enhances the luxury of your room and is the reflection of wisdom. The colour green, on the other hand, stands for abundance and is related to comfort, peace, rest, and security. However, the beauty of the Ideal sofa is its epitome look, which leaves a long-lasting impression on guests. This will be the most comfortable piece for you to enjoy. Upgrade your room with this modern-style sofa


  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Instruction Booklet (Included)
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


The Ideal 3-Seater Sofa has the following dimensions:

  • Length – 213 cm
  • Depth– 140 cm
  • Height– 80 cm

All measurements are approximated.



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Green, Grey

Arm style


Sofa type

Contemporary style

Seat type

Fibre Filled Seating


Plush Velvet Fabric

Sofa Size & Capacity

3-Seater with Matching Stool


High wooden legs

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