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Fabric Sofa Set Farrow 3 and 2 Seater

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Features of Farrow Fabric Sofa Set:

  • Foam cover seating
  • cushions with zippers
  • faux leather upholstery
  • Reliable chrome legs
  • Arrives with scatter cushions
  • Thick fibre-filled seating
  • Chrome Feet and Solid Frame.
  • Made up of high-quality chipboard.
  • Accessible with softback Cushion Covers
  • Foam and Spring seating type
  • Curved arm style

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The farrow fabric sofa set

The Farrow fabric sofa set is a feasible solution for you to bring into your home. Customers are always looking to change their home décor for the better. That is where the farrow sofa set is the choice you want. The overall appeal of this sofa is truly spectacular. But that’s not all this sofa brings to the table. The fabric sofa also comes with a variety of hybrid features. The synergy it produces is exhilarating in every way possible. Investing in an extravagant sofa set is not only a sensible choice but worth it.

You would want to invest in items that look elegant and comfortable in every possible way. That is where Tender Sleep’s furniture comes into play. Not only is our furniture affordable, but at the same time, they are truly worth the cost. The farrow sofa set targets mid-range budgets. The 2+2-seater and 2+3-seater are far cheaper than the singular versions. So, why the wait?

The frame of fabric sofa set

The frame of the fabric sofa set is of hardwood. For some, hardwood is a true sign of stability and durability. The key difference between the two is that durability deals with the product’s life. Whereas stability deals with the foundation of the products. This product has both of its sets to the maximum. Meaning the farrow sofa set will last you longer than you can imagine. The foundation of this sofa entails that this fabric sofa set is a low back version. Great for parties and lounging in your home. To give you the comfort that you truly desire, we rely on serpentine springs.

These zigzag components help support the whole frame. They’re covered with padding and foam filling that provide the cushioning that you want from a sofa. They start from the armrest and travel back to the bottom of the seating. Without sacrificing their overall nature, they provide ample comfort. The open coil networks are great for your sofas. As they can mitigate any pressure that is exerted on them. The tandem work of both the springs and foam filling is truly a fantastic example of synergy.

The fabrics for the farrow sofa set

The fabric for the Farrow sofa set is something different from what we normally use. Velvet is the most loved fabric in the market today. But it is also the most common fabric. We at Tender Sleep decided that change is in effect. That is why the Chenille fabric wraps itself around the Farrow fabric sofa. A Parisian-based fabric. It brings a sense of luxury and finesse like no other. This kind of fabric has no replicas. You only get the original version and nothing else. The texturing might feel like microfiber, but that is not the case. Chenille consists of wool which in retrospect is a blend of both polyester and nylon.

The armrest of the Farrow fabric sofa set relies on leather. Leather and chenille working cohesively is something out of the Paris fashion week. The leather armrest is done to enhance the overall style of the farrow sofa fabric set. Normally, leather is an expensive ordeal, but that is not the case with this fabric sofa. We rely on faux leather to enhance the experience. The smooth texturing is courtesy of the faux leather whereas the comfort is heavily on the part of the chenille fabric.

Why is High-Density foam great for a farrow fabric set?

The real question always remains how good are the internals of the fabric sofa set? The answer is always the same, high-quality. The high-density foam brings a sense of direction to the fabric sofa set. It is beneficial in many interesting ways. The low-profile foam can function more vividly. This is because it requires less air to function. This makes the foam and the other internals last longer. The quality of the high-density can’t be outmatched. This will help you in the long run as it can retain its shape after every seating. Information from various sources suggests that high-density foam is a perfect component for processing REM sleep. The flexible nature allows the sofa to enhance your senses. To make matters more mesmerizing, the low back sofa also comes with pressure points present in the back. They elevate the overall effect of rejuvenating your body after a hard day of work.

What come standard for the farrow fabric set?

The Farrow fabric sofa set comes with chrome legs. This is done to enhance the visual appeal of the sofa to raise it to new heights. The majestic design elements are one of the reasons why this gives a timeless vibe to the fabric sofa set. The legs in question come with link bars. As they can hold the frame intact. This also prevents the farrow fabric sofa set from ever producing squeak. The Farrow fabric sofa set also comes with standard scatter cushions. The responsive nature of these cushions is to provide a soft sensation.

The maintenance for the fabric sofa set

The maintenance for the Farrow fabric sofa set is far simpler than you can imagine. A soft cloth and a vacuum cleaner always come in handy when setting out to clean a sofa. The Farrow fabric sofa set has the unique ability to keep its composure intact. If you still feel that your sofa cleaning requires professional work then you can always hire a professional to do the deed for you. It will cost you, but your sofa will look brand new when you buy it.

The variation for the fabric sofa set

The Farrow fabric sofa set comes in the colours black and grey. It also comes in six varieties to choose from. The two-seater, the three-seater, the 2+2-seater, the 3+3- seater, the 2+3-seater, and the corner sofa. The choice is yours.

Specification of Farrow Sofa Set:

  • Partially assembled
  • Only legs are not assembled
  • Arrives in 3 pieces
  • Low back sofa
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Three Seaters – Width190 cm; Height: 85 cm; Depth: 90 cm.
  • Two Seaters – Width170 cm; Height: 85 cm; Depth: 90 cm.

All measurements are approximate



Black, Grey

Arm style

Curved arms

Sofa type



Faux Leather and Chenille fabric

Seat type

Fibre Filled Seating

Scattered cushions

Cushions with zippers (Included)

Cushion Filling

High-quality fibre

Sofa Size & Capacity

2+3 seater, 2+3+2 seater, 3 seater, 3+3 seater, 3+3+2 seater sofa, Corner sofa, Two seaters


Chrome Legs

Coming Soon

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