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Elo Crushed Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed

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Features of  Elo Bed:

  • Remarkable
  • Maximum comfort
  • Stylish upholstery finishing
  • Crushed velvet fabric upholstery
  • Stylish headboard & footboard
  • Rubberwood legs
  • Supportive sprung slats
  • Ottoman storage

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The most common issue with many UK households is not the compact room they have. But the issue is that the clutter is too much to handle. UK residents are left with only one option. Which is to bin than extra stuff that is plaguing them. As they do not have the space for them to store. That is where the Elo crushed velvet ottoman bed comes into play. It not only resolves your issue regarding clutter, but its double size can fit almost all small to medium households. Moreover, the crushed velvet ottoman bed comes with a host of options that are beneficial to you.

The frame of the crushed velvet ottoman bed

The frame of the crushed velvet ottoman bed is truly spectacular. It comes in a hardwood frame. This is a type of solid wood that provides ample support to the bed. The Elo crushed velvet ottoman bed is part of the grounded bed collection. This is a unique range of beds by Tender Sleep. Their speciality is that they are close to the floor and leave no space. Moreover, these types of beds are great for any flooring. Whether it is carpet or wooden. To make sure that the Elo crushed velvet ottoman bed stands the test of time. We rely upon stainless-steel components to keep the bed frame intact.

The design of the crushed velvet ottoman bed

The design of the Elo crushed velvet ottoman bed is simply outstanding. It is a dual function bed. The synergy of ample space and double accommodation is one of the things to look for in this bed. Moreover, the everlasting fabric plays a key role as well. The Elo bed is our greatest achievement. Customers who invest in this bed will also get their hands on the headboard. The double size headboard is perfect for compact rooms. The tufted upholstery creates an essence of grace that many bed frames in the market lack.

The fabric of the crushed velvet ottoman bed

The fabric of the Elo bed is why customers prefer this bed. Tender Sleep relies on crushed velvet to bring this bed frame to life. Velvet is a desirable fabric that is truly loathed by the world over. The fabric in question can resist all hazards. It can provide dust and stain protection constantly. Like all fabrics, the only issue is direct sunlight. Tender Sleep advises its customers to keep the product away from direct sunlight. It will damage the texture of the fabric in the long run. And the texture of the fabric is the reason customers like yourself invest in this bed type. From the design perspective, the crushed velvet fabric is simply remarkable.

The colour scheme for the crushed velvet ottoman bed

The colour scheme for the Elo crushed velvet bed is grey. Presently, the bed frame exclusively arrives in the colour grey. Down the road, Tender Sleep will add other prominent colours to the range. Grey is a neutral colour that can blend easily with any contemporary or complementary colour. Crushed velvet in grey gives a feel of silver. This is due to the part that the fabric gives a certain glare when light shines upon it. Keep in mind that the headboard and the overall bed frame will be wrapped in grey crushed velvet fabric. For many, the colour grey represents a sense of intelligence and wisdom.

What makes the Elo bed so special?

The speciality for the Elo crushed velvet ottoman bed is the storage option. As mentioned before, space is an issue and clutter only makes things much worse. That is why the ottoman storage inside the Elo bed comes in handy. You can rely upon the gas lift mechanism to lift the ottoman. This will give you ample space that will be useful in storing your essential and non-essential items. The mechanism to lift the ottoman will be a little rough. But in due time it will be much more responsive. As a safety precaution, a safety latch is also present. This keeps the bed frame from accidentally being raised.

Why are sprung slats best for this bed?

The Elo crushed velvet ottoman bed uses sprung slats. These can create a natural bounce. This natural feeling is great for you and the mattress. The process which continues through the night keeps you in good sleep. Comfort is enhanced to new horizons. These sprung slats do wonder when used in conjunction with ottoman storage bed. The arc shape is the designation that the bed frame comes with these kinds of slats. A solid beam goes down the centre to keep the slats intact and in shape. It can provide the foundation for your mattress.

What comes in the package when you order the crushed velvet ottoman bed?

After placing your order for the Elo crushed velvet ottoman bed. You will get the headboard and rubberwood legs. The whole bed frame with everything included will help you assemble it. This will arrive at your location in three to four flat-pack packages. If you have a hard time assembling the item, then you can also ask for assembly when ordering this bed frame. Keep in mind that the assembly we book for you will be a third party. This means that we have no affiliation with the assemblers.


You will also get the opportunity to add a mattress to the order. Keep in mind that the mattress will be of the same size as the bed frame. By ordering both the items at the same time you will incur savings for the entire bed frame. This will include savings on the bed frame as well as the mattress. Furthermore, both items will also arrive at your location at the same time. Currently, we would like to thank all our loyal customers for choosing us.

Specifications of Elo Bed:

  • Delivered in Flatpack
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Width: 145 x Length: 204 cm
  • Headboard Height: 91 cm
  • Footboard Height: 34 cm
  • Storage Depth: 28 cm

Flatpack Carton Size:

  • C1: Height 6.4 x Width 104.8 x Depth 145.6 cm
  • C2: Height 17.8 x Width 35.1 x Depth 198.2c

Overall Bed Weight:

  • 52 Kilograms

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