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Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Berlin 180cm Wide

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Features of 180 cm Berlin Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe:

  • Full-size mirrors
  • Solid Finish
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Soft-closing device
  • LED Light with European Plug
  • An extra hanging rail can be added.
  • Interior by Default
  • Huge Shelves storage
  • Modern Style
  • Soft Closing Device

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The dynamics of a mirror sliding wardrobe are too many to name. But they are affordable and everlasting. Space is a common issue for countless people. Fitted wardrobes used to have the charm but not that much anymore. Nowadays, customers prefer wardrobes that come with functionality. That adds flair to the bedroom. That is the case with sliding mirror wardrobes. They are flexible and at the same time add function when you require it the most. Adding a sliding mirror wardrobe to your room is the most sensible choice. The smooth design and the classic finish are what make this wardrobe a must-buy.

The frame of the mirror sliding wardrobe

The frame of the mirror sliding wardrobe is of 16 mm chipboard.  A frame is the main component of a wardrobe. It creates a foundation for space and supports the structure. That is why chipboard is the feasible material for this kind of job. The strength factor outlasts that of a metal. That is why metallic frames are more common in bed frames than in wardrobes or sofas. The best option is to rely on a chipboard. To make sure that the frame of the wardrobe keeps intact we rely on stainless-steel components. They can keep the shelves in place. The wardrobe comes in a free-standing variety. This means that it will not require any support legs to stand.

How do space requirements lessen with a mirror sliding wardrobe?

Space has always been an issue. For small to medium homes, you have more clutter than space to manage them. For customers, this becomes a prolonging issue. That is why the Berlin sliding mirror wardrobe is the perfect candidate for this issue. It can lessen clutter, but if you have the space, you can always invest in the 203-model. The 180-model comes with 5 shelves in total. The top full-size shelf with 4 side shelves amounts to a total of five. It comes with a standard one hanging rail. The mirror sliding wardrobe can add an extra hanging rail, but the shelf count remains the same. The 203-model comes with 10 shelves that include two full-size shelves and eight standard-sized shelves. It also comes with four hanging rails.

The apparatus for the mirror sliding wardrobe

The apparatus is what makes the sliding mirror wardrobe desirable. The seamless track helps glide the mirror doors in a smooth transition from one side to the other. The track at the start might be rough. With use, the track will become more responsive eventually. The follow-up instructions help secure the mirrors on the sliding doors of the wardrobe. At the same time, it is suggested that the mirror doors are fragile so handle them with care. The mirror sliding door is what innovation truly is. It adds dual functionality in every way possible. As a gesture, Tender Sleep provides loyal customers to inspect the mirror once the wardrobe arrives at their location.

The colours for the mirror sliding wardrobe

The colours of the mirror sliding wardrobe come in three gradients. The wardrobe colours are Black, White, and Grey. All three colours bring a sense of style and aesthetic pleasure that you want. Black is the most popular colour on the spectrum. A demanding colour that means power and authority. This colour invokes home décor with complementary colours. It can easily blend with them. The colour white for the sliding wardrobe is a vague colour of the spectrum. The complexity of white involves blending it with other bright colours. The royal definition for the colour is hope and new starts.

And lastly the colour grey. The mirror sliding wardrobe in this colour has to be the most sensible choice. It brings both colours into the mix. The power of black merging with the hope of the white. This colour is everlasting, and it can blend with any colour or home décor style you have in your mind. It comes from the family of Iron and Quicksilver.

The assembly for the mirror sliding wardrobe

The assembly of the mirror sliding wardrobe is as simple as you can imagine. It does require assembly. Instruction booklets and tools that arrive with the wardrobe help you assemble it in no time at all. This is a free-standing variety and doesn’t rely on any support legs. The flat-pack materials that the wardrobe comes in can be used to assemble the products. It is always suggested to keep the small components away from children. It has small items that might be harmful if swallowed.

Why are mirror sliding wardrobes more feasible than fitted wardrobes?

The key difference between a fitted wardrobe and a sliding mirror wardrobe is visibility. The fitted wardrobe has the edge of a sliding wardrobe by a mere twenty-five per cent but requires space to function. Whereas the sliding wardrobe gives seventy-five per cent visibility and requires no space to function. This is the edge and benefit that customers desire for. Plus, the mirror doors add a sense of flair to the overall wardrobe.

What is the box?

By standard, the sliding mirror wardrobe comes with an LED. It also comes with the standard shelves as per the model you have invested in. The dispatch team allows you to fully inspect the mirror of the wardrobe. If for any reason you feel that the wardrobe has a missing piece or has a fault, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Our customer support team will gladly resolve your issues first-hand.

Wardrobe 180 cm includes:
  • Two mirror-sliding doors
  • Five shelves
  • Two hanging rails

Specifications of 180 cm wide wardrobe:

  • Completely unassembled Wardrobe
  • Require Assembly
  • Arrive in Flatpack packaging.
  • Includes Instructions Manual
  • Without any support legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant.


  • Width: 180 cm
  • Height: 215 cm
  • Depth: 61 cm

All measurements are approximated



Black, Grey, White


Mirror Doors


Two Sliding Doors






LED lights with European Plug (included)




Solid Wood

Wardrobe backside

Covered with a laminated sheet



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