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Divan Bed Buying Guide

Divan Bed Buying Guide
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A divan bed is a type of storage bed, made up of high-quality chipboard and upholstered with the fabric. You have the option to have chrome legs or caster wheels with the divan base. It features a platform base to provide a sturdy base for the mattress, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night. The divan bed comes with a variety of headboards in a range of beautiful colours. Divan base gave you the option to add 2 to 4 storage drawers. This guide is really helpful in explaining the different features and options of the divan base, helping you to make the best decision when choosing the divan base for your home. 

Benefits of divan beds

If you have to deal with small bedroom space, then divan beds will be the perfect choice for you. It requires a smaller bed space. If there is a small amount of space present in your home, then consider buying the divan storage beds. It allows you to arrange things in the storage drawers without capturing much space in the room.  

The best thing about divan beds is their ability to personalize. You can also opt to go without headboards, drawers, and even the feet of the base that you want to order. This type of customization is ideal, especially for small bedrooms.  

The assembly of a Divan bed is easy; it requires a minimum amount of time and effort on your behalf. Divan beds are ideal for people who don’t care for the idea of having metal and solid wooden beds. The divan bed arrives in one or two parts, depending on the size of the base. The q-clips help in combining the two bases.

Finally, the best thing about the Divan bed is its modification that makes it the perfect bed for everyone.  Selecting the divan bed will be beneficial for you as it requires minimal assembly. This means that you can get the bed ready for sleep in no time.

Divan bed base types

The platform base of the divan bed offers support to the mattress and to the sleeper. Divan bases are of high-quality chipboard. Basically, there are two main types of bed bases; 

Divan bed base types
  1. Platform top bases

The first type of base available in the plush velvet divan bed is the platform top base. These bases are also known as solid top bases. The solid panel top offers firm support along with a sturdy base for your mattress.

  1. Pocket sprung bases

Another type of base that you can have for your divan bed is the one that comes with built-in pocket springs to offer a soft and supportive base, helpful in increasing the lifetime of the mattress. 

Types of feet on divan beds

Furthermore, the Divan base allows you to order different types of feet to make them look more attractive. Generally, there are two types of feet that a divan base can have, all of them with pros and cons. Read on to find out the main differences between feet types on divan beds.


Types of feet on divan beds

Castors are plastic or metal wheels. These come into action after the base is set up. Mobility is the target. These casters work like wheels meant to move the divan base across the room. However, the casters are more suitable for carpeted floors.



Legs offer minimal support as they help raise the bed from the floor slightly. People who have a smooth floor must opt for these types of legs. The legs will offer durability to the frame. .



Gliders are sturdy flat feet attached to the bottom of your divan base. These allow you to move the bed base easily, just like casters. Gliders of divan base are perfect for both smooth and carpet flooring.  

Types of storage

Our divan bases are available in a huge variety of storage options to best suit your bedroom needs. Here are some of the unique and classic divan bed storage options that you can implement to fulfil your storage needs. 

  1. Drawers

The most common option for a divan bed with mattresses is to have drawers. You have the option to add 2 drawers, 4 drawers and a set of 2+2 continental drawers or sliding drawers.

  1. Continental drawers

Continental drawers will be the perfect option for you, especially if you have a bedside table on either side of your divan bed, as that will restrict the opening and closing of a full-length drawer all the way. You can have a full-length drawer or two smaller sized drawers for your divan base, allowing you to keep your things safe and secure.

  1. Ottoman

Another storage option you can avail of is the ottoman side or front lift. The ottoman bed frame will help you to get enough storage space in your room. It will be a better alternative for a wardrobe in a room. 

Assembly of Divan Beds: 

Yes, it’s effortless to assemble divan beds. You can order divan bases in single, small double, double, king, and super king-size. There are numerous varieties available in the Divan bed headboard with fabric upholstery. These beds come in single or double packing. You only attach the feet with the bases together with the linking bar. But if you have purchased an ottoman divan base, then don’t forget to secure the ottoman lids together thanks to screws.

Headboard installation:

The best part of a divan bed is that you can easily buy the matching headboard with the divan base. The divan bases come with holes at the bottom. These are present beneath the fabric to attach the headboard. It’s effortless to attach the headboard with the divan base, only you have to fix the bolts. You have the option to adjust the height of the headboard. All you have to do is simply loosen the bolts and lift the headboard to fit it according to your desired height.

How to style your divan bed?

You can customize your divan bed according to the interior and style of your room. The customized single bed with mattress will help you to create a statement in your master bedroom with a simple but elegant bed.

The easiest way to change the look of your bedroom is to buy a new headboard with fabric upholstery. Divan headboards are available in a range of colours, sizes, and heights. Changing the headboard allows you to change the entire look and appeal of your bedroom. As we all know our bedroom used to reflect our personal style, so yes we make it glamorous, vintage, classic, rustic or glamorous depending upon our preferences. 

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