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Interesting Facts Until You Reach Your Corner Sofa Set

Maximize the first impression of your living room with a luxurious collection of Verona corner sofa sets. We perfectly made the sofa to enhance the look of your living room and provide extra comfort to you and your guests. This sofa set is the perfect addition to a living room because it provides all the necessary comfort for starting a conversation. The Verona Corner Sofa Set will add grace to your lounge. The simple design of this sofa makes it one of the most comfortable and attractive pieces.

Interesting Facts of Corner Sofa Set

High Quality Fabric

It has a design with pure comfort in mind. Therefore, the soft fabric and colours will add grace to your living room. These types of stylish corner sofas are more durable than the rest of the others. The vibrant chesterfield design ornaments the sofa with tufted details, making the Verona Sofa Set more eye-catching and classic. Good conversations start with a relaxing environment, and this sofa set provides adequate relaxation for your guests to start a discussion. The perfect upholstery with a chesterfield touch increases the beauty of the room, and the soft touch of the corner sofa provides the best environment to enjoy leisure time in quality.

Solid Wooden Frame

They use harwood as a frame in the Verona Corner Sofa Set. The solid wood provides the necessary strength and stability to the Verona sofa set. A durable foundation is present, and someone beautifully upholstered the sofa with plush velvet fabric. A spring base is provided in the sofa set that increases the comfort level of the sofa. Someone wraps foam padding around the base springs. We designed this full-back sofa set to provide complete relaxation and comfort to the pressure points of the body. The design of the sofa is comfortable and trendy, and it blends with the decor theme of your living room.

Interesting Corner Sofa Set

Plush Velvet Upholstery

We make the sofa comfortable and distinguish it from the market by using plush velvet for quality and comfort. The softness of the plush velvet provides an inspiring look to the appearance of the sofa set and is also very soft to feel. The perfection and luxury meet with the chesterfield pattern that is provided in the sofa set to improve the value of the Verona corner sofa set. The fabric matches the original hue of the sofa and offers a sensational experience due to its extra softness and comfort. The perfection of plush velvet improves the fashion sense of your living room and increases the overall style profile. The sofa is the best for the living room because of its soft touch and tender aesthetics. The fabric also has dust- and stain-resistant qualities that make the sofa a perfect companion for a living room.

The sofa comes in plush velvet grey fabric upholstery that mixes with the interior of the room and provides a pivotal role in bringing the room decor to life. The classic touch of grey is a symbol of pure neutrality, and it imposes a balance in the life of the customers who chose the Verona Corner Sofa Set. The sofa is the best piece that offers luxury to the living room. The grey colour blends in all kinds of interior decor, and it reflects a lifestyle of balance.

Interesting Facts Until You Reach Your Corner Sofa Set

Easy Assembly

The sofa set comes in a semi-assembled state, and the chrome legs can be attached easily to the sofa set. The chrome legs provide stability to the whole sofa and add an elegant look to the overall appearance of the sofa set. Tools for the complete assembly are a part of the box for the ease of the customer. The customer can assemble the whole sofa set in no time with the help of the tools that are provided in the equipment pouch. The Verona Corner Sofa Set can be easily available in multiple height options. This makes the reachability of the sofa set easy, and everybody can avail themselves of the luxury and comfort of plush velvet with the Verona Corner Sofa Set in this deal. 

The Verona Sofa Set comes in a partially assembled state. Chrome legs are provided, which are not assembled but can be attached with ease. It is delivered in 3 pieces. It is compliant with the safety standards of the UK. i.e, UK Fire Safety Compliant.

Dimensions: The Verona Corner Sofa Set has the following dimensions:

Width: 240 cm x 240 cm
Depth: 90 cm
Height:80 cm
Seat depth: 60 cm
Floor to seat height:45 cm

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