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Leather Bed
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Faux Leather Beds are wonderful but are they beneficial?

Benefits of Leather Beds
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Faux leather beds are luxurious and graceful. They help in lifting the entire outlook of your bedroom décor. You won’t even regret having one in your bedroom. A lavish and neat bedroom elevates your inspiration. Faux leather beds completely go with all types of bedroom decors effortlessly. They are economical and charming. The best thing about these faux leather beds is that they are effortless to clean and maintain. 

Leather beds are popular. The people who have been using leather beds can’t stop praising them for their features. This makes them more desirable among the customers. Tender Sleep UK offers a variety of faux leather beds. They vary in price, size, and design to suit your décor requirements. Hence, you can choose the one which suits you the best. 

Black leather beds are popular because of the ultimate luxury and comfort they provide. For people who want to bring opulence and flair to their bedroom, a leather bed will suffice. It comes with numerous benefits, that’s why we recommend this bed.  

Reasons for Buying Leather Beds:

Appearance and smooth finish are some remarkable reasons for buying leather beds. This attracts people’s attention towards it. It is so soft to touch. These beds come with a wooden frame and a sturdier base. It adds comfort to the life of its users. The leather beds are available in Black, Brown, or Grey. 

Reasons for Buying Leather Beds

What is Faux Leather?

Faux leather is a spectacular piece of material. It brings a rich texture. Pure leather costs a lot to manufacture. Whereas Faux leather is an inexpensive cousin. Quality-wise Faux Leather excels far better than pure leather. It adds resistance to many hazards that you may or may not come in contact with. Tender Sleep offers Leather Beds dirt cheap.

Leather Beds Durability:

Faux leather not only adds presence to the beds. But at the same time enhances durability. The best quality of the leather is that it is resistant to fade. This gives you a great incentive to place them in direct sunlight. Unlike fabric beds that need some kind of cover. These beds require none. A strong frame is a necessity for a durable bed. That is why hardwood frames offer a sturdier foundation.

Easy to Assemble Leather Beds:

While ordering the leather bed from Tender Sleep, the leather beds arrive in flat-pack packaging. The package includes the bed frame and all the components that help form the majestic bed frame. An instruction manual helps do this job swiftly. If you still think this is a hassle, then you can always use our fitting services. We offer third-party services that we have no affiliation with.

Why are Faux Leather beds versatile?

Leather beds that we have in our stock come in distinct colours. You can choose out of three colours. Each brings a sense of opulence to your room. A leather bed won’t make you compromise on the rest of the decor. The neutral shades will allow you to blend the leather bed with various interior decorations.

Why are Faux Leather beds versatile?

Are Faux Leather beds hypoallergenic?

Another thing that makes the leather bed stand out is that they are hypoallergenic. These beds are the perfect option for customers that suffer from allergies. The materials resist all allergies. It’s naturally made up of hypoallergenic material that ensures a night of good sleep.

Easy to maintain:

The best thing about leather beds is they are easy to maintain. You can easily manage and clean the spillages. These beds are less prone to damage, dust and spillages, making them a perfect bed to have in homes. 

Do Faux Leather Beds bring an opulence look:

The grace and opulence that a leather bed brings to your bedroom are flawless. The beauty and lavishness are ever astonishing. Even if your bed portrays a simple look, the leather bed can entirely change it. Most importantly, it can fit in your décor without making countless changes. It blends in effortlessly, which is why people prefer having one. Contemporary designs of the leather beds are much in fashion these days.

Are Leather Beds perfect value for money:

Yes. A high-quality leather bed is the ideal combination of all of these perks. It brings along so much more in your room, and you will only realize that once you have one. It helps you in a night of comfortable sleep. Relax and ease your body muscles to the rich bed.


Faux leather beds are available in a wide range. Tender Sleep UK offers these beds to suit your décor needs. You can choose from the design, style, and size to suit your affordability. They are available as storage beds, divan beds and much more. Varying in features, it promises to deliver the best of them to comfort your needs.

The Different Types of Headboards 

While buying the perfect leather king-size bed for your home, you must know about different types of headboards present in the market, from which you can simply select the one for your home. You can choose it in different colours, sizes, and upholstery depending on your needs. When deciding on the perfect headboard for your bed, you have the liberty to decide on the upholstery material which could be fabric or leather. Here we are mentioning a few types of headboards: 

  • Leather headboards are meant to provide a greater level of comfort as compared to standard metal, wooden or fabric headboards. Their plush padded leather upholstery makes them perfect to sit and watch TV.
  • Fabric headboards are also meant to deliver the required comfort to their users, and they are also available in a variety of designs, ideal for all types of bedroom interiors.
  • Wooden headboards are designed for people who like to have a traditional or simply look in their bedroom. It offers convenience, and comfort to its users while helping them to create a focal point in their bedroom without creating any fuss and by providing maximum style.

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