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3 Seater Grey Chesterfield Sofa

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The 3 Seater Grey Chesterfield Sofa is the perfect answer for customers who are seeking something amazing for their bedroom. The only thing that separates a stylish bedroom from a bland room is the choice of home décor items. Your selection matters. By choosing the right home décor, you choose something magnificent for yourself. That is why Tender Sleep Furniture takes great vanity in offering home décor items that are affordable and trendy in every form. The grey Chesterfield sofa does that and more. All items that you purchase, arrive at your location in high quality.

The Frame of 3 Seater Grey Chesterfield sofa

The frame of the grey Chesterfield sofa is solid wood. The frame or foundation of the sofa plays the most vital role. It brings you a sense of sustainability and persistence all at the same time. To make matters more unique for you, the grey Chesterfield sofa comes partially set up. Meaning that when the home décor items arrive at your location, you only need to add the legs. Knowing how fragile the human body is, Tender Sleep Furniture offers the grey Chesterfield sofa in a soft-back frame. This means that you can loosen up on this sofa while the soft-back works overtime in fixing your body for no extra cost.

The Design of 3 Seater Grey Chesterfield sofa

The design element for the grey Chesterfield sofa is ravishing. It is the merging of the minds. The curves and the classic Chesterfield design are some of the features that we know you will truly like about the sofa. The grey Chesterfield infinity sofa comes with tufted scroll arms. They bring a formal look. Fabric studs can be found on the back as well as on the bottom of the sofa right next to the scatter cushions. This sofa can blend with any décor you want. The foam-filled scatter cushions are a perfect answer for the best seating imaginable.

Materials of Grey Chesterfield sofa

Materials are significant for all home décor items to flourish. That is why Tender Sleep Furniture’s takes great vanity in bringing you items that are not only cost-effective but in every sense the best of both worlds. That is why for this product, Tender Sleep Furniture relies on a plush velvet to fully wrap itself around the home décor item. The fabric dares to provide ample support, at the same time bringing a sense of belonging which can’t be found anywhere else.The fabric in question is resistant to almost all hazards that you can imagine, but in time it will require regular maintenance. Unlike plain fabric, plush velvet is not prone to any hazards. Maintaining the grey Chesterfield sofa will become an easy chore, but the aesthetics of the sofa are truly remarkable. Using a handy vacuum cleaner, you can get the sofa ready faster than you can imagine.


Variety is key. It resonates with the idea that the right thing at the right time matters. That is why the grey Chesterfield sofa comes in several variations. These include a 2-seater, 3+2-seater, Corner Sofa, and a 3-seater Sofa Bed. These variations help you choose the right sofa for your space. All the items mentioned are dirt cheap, price will not be an issue. Space is something everyone must contend with.

Tender Sleep Furniture launches the Chesterfield Sofa in the colour grey now. Down the road, more colours will be added to the mix.  The accessibility of the grey chesterfield is minimal, meaning any person of variable height can access the sofa without any issues. The sofa is perfect for customers who suffer from physical disabilities. Due to its short height, it can easily do wonders for customers that prefer a low base sofa.

Pyramid Crest

The pyramid crest design incorporates tradition with modern design. A Chesterfield design comes in two distinctive designs. The diamond crest is common, but the pyramid crest seen here is rare.  The reason for the addition of this design is to add a layer of foam padding that works incoherently with the pressure point present in the sofa back to provide comfort to you and your family. The grey Chesterfield sofa is perfect for customers that suffer from chronic pains.

The Colour for Grey Chesterfield sofa

Grey is a neutral positive colour of the spectrum. The essence of the colour represents the blending with other bright colours of the spectrum. This mysterious approach is why many customers prefer this colour above anything else. Grey is the love child for both the colours black and white. Unlike Silver, Grey likes to be part of the family instead of being the mascot of the family.

Maintenance for Grey Chesterfield sofa

The maintenance for the grey Chesterfield sofa is not cumbersome, but it requires regular maintenance. A vacuum cleaner will come in handy, down the road and remove the dust, a simple brush will suffice. The fabric inlet carefully instructs you and informs you if the fabric is machine washable or not. Moreover, it provides you with necessary information regarding the overall maintenance of the fabric.

The Assembly of Grey Chesterfield sofa

The assembly of the grey Chesterfield sofa is easy as the sofa comes partially assembled. The delivery of the grey Chesterfield sofa will be a two-man job.  The only thing that you need to place is the legs. The instruction booklet in the equipment pouch clearly illustrates how you can put the wooden legs without any issues.

Customers do also get the opportunity to add another variant of the grey Chesterfield sofa to their order if they want to get a complete experience. Customers who order both items will get them at a much steeper price than what they normally get when bought separately. This is an exclusive offer by Tender Sleep Furniture, and you will not find this suggestion anywhere else.


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Solid Wood


diamond crest, pyramid crest



Sofa Size & Capacity

2+3 seater, 3 seater, Two seaters

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