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Berlin Mirror Sliding Wardrobe

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  1. Features of Berlin Sliding Door Wardrobe:
  2. Full-sized mirrors

Matte finishing

  1. Durable and scratch-resistant
  2. Soft-closing device
  3. 2 & 3 Sliding Door Versions available
  4. LED Light with European Plug (Optional)
  5. Customizable interior (Optional)
  6. Interior by Default
  7. Huge Shelves storage
  8. Best for contemporary style bedrooms

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Contemporary Berlin Mirror Sliding wardrobe adds luxury to anyone’s bedroom décor and comes in a wide variety of colours and sizes. This Berlin range is not only stunning to look at but functional as well. This stylish Berlin wardrobe is designed to suit everyone’s storage needs. The durability of this wardrobe stems from high-quality 16 mm laminated board. Its sturdy and scratch-resistant wardrobe assist in easy cleaning. The aluminium rails allow a smooth and easy glide of the mirror door wardrobe.

In addition, the berlin mirror sliding wardrobe speaks for itself as a perfect addition to your bedroom. It enhances the decoration of the bedroom and provides an elegant look to the interior. The introduction of a specially themed wardrobe, available in different color schemes and sizes, makes interior decoration possible. The wardrobe comes in variable sizes, making it easy to fit into the bedroom and an ideal affordable companion. The beautifully innovated and fully functional range is a treat to the eyes because it is very attractive and it looks really awesome. The compartments provided in it allow storage and management of valuables easily by putting them in an orderly manner. The storage capacity fulfills the storage needs by allowing the storage of all items. The use of high-quality laminated board of 16mm makes the product durable, sturdy, and scratch-resistant.

Design of the Wardrobe:

This stylish product is a golden offer for bedroom décor because the sliding mirror on it reflects the sunlight and illuminates the room. It comes in multiple ranges of colours that include black, white, grey, and walnut. The product innovatively caters to modern-day storage needs. It features a large mirror on the door, providing a detailed head-to-toe view for checking out new looks after dressing up.

Features of Berlin Mirror Sliding Wardrobe:

Therefore, the product comes with sliding doors and full-size mirrors are placed on these doors to allow the customer to see his/her complete image from head to toe. This feature allows the customers to enjoy the exterior of the wardrobe as well. Now, coming to the internal detailing of the product. Shelves and hanging rails are provided to manage the things and keep them in an organized manner. So, the storage of extra stuff in the bedroom is not a problem now because a lot of storage space with multiple compartments is provided in the wardrobe. Hanging rails are also included, making it easy to hang clothes without worrying about wrinkles. The number of hanging rails can be varied and adjusted based on the customer’s demands and the size of the wardrobe they wish to purchase for their bedroom.

Space Saving Structure:

However, it is designed in a cost-effective manner where a lot of features can be availed under less budget. The luxurious exterior and the storage handling capacity make this product a special one and a must to try opportunity. In recent years, we have observed a lot of customer preference for our product due to storage problems in conventional homes. Our product focuses on addressing the issue of storage, which is the main reason for this increased demand. Hanging rails and shelves are provided inside the wardrobe for extra saving capacity to keep things organized.

Stylish wardrobe exterior:

The new and stylish Berlin wardrobe allows you to store with both hanging rail and shelf storage, you can store coats, and suits, plus tops, t-shirts and towels. Plus you’ve even room for shoes, bedding and storage boxes. So now you can check your head to toe appearance before leaving. The mirrors will make your bedroom look bigger by reflecting more light into your room, especially when placed opposite a window.

Mirror sliding doors:

Smooth mirror sliding door wardrobe glide effortlessly thanks to the aluminium rails, so it’s easy to put everything away, so your bedroom is neat and tidy in seconds. The stylish mirror on the mid of the sliding door makes it an elegant and special one. Buy your new sliding door wardrobe from Tender Sleep UK at affordable prices with free delivery services all over London. This Wardrobe is delivered in flat packing that requires easy self-assembly.

Berlin sliding door wardrobe adds luxury in your bedroom. The chipboard structure of Berlin sliding mirror door wardrobe provides plenty of storage space with its slim design and structure. It features full-sized mirrors, shelves and hanging rails, allowing you to keep everything well organized and arranged in your bedroom.

This contemporary style wardrobe is designed to add luxury in any room. It’s available in a range of colours and sizes. It’s not only stylish to look but functional as well, available with a design to blend with all types of bedroom interiors. Made up of high-quality materials to increase the durability of the wardrobe.

Berlin wardrobe interior:

Similarly, the Berlin wardrobe comes in a range of sizes with hanging rails, shelves and sliding mirror doors. The spacious wardrobe is meant to deliver a huge amount of storage space, allowing you to store extra clothing and to keep your bedroom well organized. Tender Sleep allow you to customize your wardrobe interior. We can deliver standard number of shelves, but you can order more hanging rails according to your demand. Here are different sizes of wardrobe and their interior explained below;

Wardrobe 120 cm includes:

  • 2 sliding mirror doors
  • 4 shelves
  • 1 hanging rails

150 cm Wardrobe includes:

  • 2 sliding doors
  • 6 shelves
  • 2 hanging rails

Wardrobe 180 cm includes:

  • 2 sliding doors
  • 5 shelves
  • 2 hanging rails

The Wardrobe 203 cm includes:

  • 2 sliding doors
  • 10 shelves
  • 4 hanging rails

Wardrobe 250 cm includes:

  • 3 sliding doors
  • 10 shelves
  • 1 hanging rails
  • 2 Drawers

Specifications of Berlin Sliding Door Wardrobe:

  • Completely unassembled Wardrobe
  • Delivered in Flatpack pieces
  • Include Instructions Manual
  • Without any support legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Assembling Procedure of Berlin Mirror Sliding Wardrobe:

  • Unpacking the installation accessories
  • Reinforcing the panels
  • Attaching door guides
  • Hammering wooden dowels
  • Screwing the cam dowel to the cam lock
  • Setting the cam lock to the correct position
  • Attaching shelf supports
  • Securing the door guiding roller
  • Reinforcing the horizontal and vertical panels
  • Tightening the cam locks
  • Masking the cam lock
  • Attaching bars and shelves
  • Attaching the door guides and the door guide ruler for fixing the mirror
  • Mounting Handles and Stops
  • Securing the Door

What Comes in The Box?

The complete unassembled Wardrobe is in the box with the installation manual. It is delivered in flatpack pieces and all the instructions are mentioned in the installation menu.


  • Width: 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, 203 cm, 250 cm
  • Height: 215 cm
  • Depth: 61 cm

All measurements are approximated



Black, Grey, Walnut, Wenge, White


Mirror Doors


Sliding Mirror Doors






LED lights with European Plug (included)




16 mm laminated chipboard

Wardrobe backside

Covered with a laminated sheet



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