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Grey Infinity Chesterfield Corner Sofa

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  • Plush Velvet upholstery
  • Reliable wooden legs
  • Thick fibre-filled seating
  • Chesterfield Tufted details
  • Made up of high-quality chipboard.
  • Foam and Spring seating type
  • Curved arm style
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble

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Make the most of your living room with our fantastic Chesterfield Corner Sofa. The stylish sofa will make your living room look more beautiful and presentable. The Chesterfield Corner Sofa is made up of soft and comfortable fabric. It features a chesterfield design which is a British tradition. The Corner Sofa is currently available in several sizes.

Investing in the corner sofa is not only the most intelligent choice but the feasible one. The available colour in the infinity corner sofa is grey. Before placing the order, you are advised to measure the available space in your living room. Space is an issue that is why investing in something grand is always a good choice. The Corner Sofa is the best candidate for this role.

Aesthetics of the Chesterfield Corner Sofa:

The Chesterfield Corner Sofa delivers both comfort and style. The opulence is off the scale. You can easily relax on this sofa. You can even stretch out your legs. This kind of sofa can accommodate up to five to six people depending on your family.  And whenever guests are over, they will truly gush at your amazing sofa. This is a universal corner meaning it can accommodate any corner. Whether it is the left-hand side or right-hand side. It blends perfectly with carpet flooring.

Universal for the Chesterfield Corner Sofa

The sofa is available in a grey colour.  It looks perfect with a traditional Chesterfield design, plush velvet upholstery and wooden legs. It’s a perfect addition to your living area to create a contemporary feel with an ample amount of seating space. The Infinity Corner Sofa offers a relaxing space with its Low Back Style, chesterfield, Deep tufted style on its Arms and Back cushions. The Scroll Fronted arms on Infinity Chesterfield Corner Sofa are pleasingly embellished with lines of stud nails.

Accommodation for the Chesterfield Corner Sofa

The sofa provides you with massive seating space. You can have a party. You can also order the matching footstool and a centre table to complete the look and appeal of your living room. Furthermore, you can order it with 2-seaters, 3 seater corners and a sofa bed in a grey colour to compliment all types of bedroom interiors.

Fabric for the Chesterfield Corner Sofa

The fabric for the corner sofa is plush velvet. It is by far the best fabric. The smoothness in the fabric does wonders for the infinity sofa. Velvet is the most desired fabric. Customers prefer this fabric as it can easily resist almost all hazards. The fabric in question is prone to fade due to direct sunlight. Tender Sleep suggests that you should always place your furniture away from direct sunlight. This Chesterfield button pattern is of traditional design. It brings opulence to the feel when it arrives in a modern setting. The arc style armrest with the plush velvet fabric is something truly amazing. The sofas also comes with padding that is off the scale. This provides the cushion elements that is famous for our products. For this reason, customers who invest in this sofa set are bringing comfort home.

Design for the Corner Sofa

Quite the looker, the Chesterfield tufted design, plush velvet upholstery and wooden legs add style and texture. The arc arms with tufted upholstery will bring opulence to your living room. Infinity  Corner Sofa brings sophistication to your living space.


  • Partially assembled Sofa
  • Only legs are not assembled
  • Delivered in 3 pieces
  • Low back sofa
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • 2 by 2 Left-hand shorter facings: W185cm xH269cm x D64cm (74 cm with legs)





Arm style

Curved arms

Sofa type

Chesterfield tufted style Sofa


Plush Velvet Fabric

Seat type

Fibre Filled Seating

Sofa shape

Universal Corner Sofa

Cushion Filling

High-quality fibre

Sofa Size & Capacity

2+3 seater, 2+3+2 seater, 3 seater, 3+3 seater, 3+3+2 seater sofa, Corner sofa, Corner+2 seater sofa, Corner+3 seater sofa, Two seaters

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