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Why is Crushed Velvet Trending so much? Why is Velvet a Better Investment?

Why is Crushed Velvet Trending

Velvet has an enormous influence in the world of fashion and modernism. The seductive texture has been the focal point for interior décor for more than several centuries. Early on the fabric was hard to get as it was expensive. By the dawn of the 20th century, velvet has become more affordable for the masses. As velvet evolves with culture, it enhances overall quality. Nowadays, velvet is a remarkable high-quality textile that brings high fashion and a sense of luxe to you.

Velvet furniture is back. The soft feel, lavish tints, and fabricability to adapt to various designs are truly illuminating. The fabric in question loathes beauty and comfort. By adding a modern sofa with velvet upholstery, you can bring style to your room. Crushed velvet is the perfect fabric for opulent texturing. Adding other home décor items with contrasting options is the perfect blend of serenity and accomplishments. This invokes a clean and energizing environment for you and your inner circle.

Origins of Velvet

The fabric in question personifies European nobility, having been a symbol of status for European culture. The fabric origin dates to 403 B.C. The main source for the fabric was Egypt and Iraq as they became countries that were to incorporate this elegant treasure. Velvet first came into the public spectrum during the advent of the Silk Road, and Italians were at the focal point of it. Velvet helped transform Italy into becoming the largest producer and supplier of this fabric. The fabric can be most notably found in items such as clothing and furniture.

Importance of Velvet

During the Renaissance period, the velvet fabric grew and with the progress of technology the fabric became attainable. As time passed by, the fabric made its advances into the clothing market, which brought an affluent aesthetic to the masses. The quality of luxe is why crushed velvet has made its impressive impact in the 1970s and the 80s. Today, the fabric brings a sense of elegance to whoever or whatever it touches. Whether you wear it or sit on it, velvet is the perfect counterbalance to silk or even chiffon.

Crushed Velvet Bed

How does Velvet come alive?

Velvet is not woven like other fabrics that you might come across, instead, the fabric is the beneficiary of two products. The fabric comes from several other yarns such as silk, linen, cotton, and wool. Synthetic fibres also play a pivotal role in shaping the fabric. Polyester is a better alternative if you are not happy with the natural element. The fabric in question creates a classy look that enhances every other home décor item, but the room it enters. It sends a clear picture of eloquence and a luxurious feel. The fabric is adaptable, a symbol of excellence, durable, easy to maintain, amorphous and easy to blend.

Why is Crushed Velvet a Great Selection?

To clearly understand why velvet has become so popular in so little time, we must see how the fabric has become so popular. Velvet was the most enigmatic fabric during the 17th century. Velvet became the mascot for almost all theatre productions. Therefore, the fabric is highly reflective and gives a translucent effect when light is shone from behind. Crushed velvet, a variant of velvet, is the most popular in the market today. The term `crushed velvet` refers to the weaving technique of cutting loops into the fabric. The loops are removed before the fabric is dyed. This bears a soft look. Crushed velvet comes in an assortment of colours that help with styling your room.

Crushed Velvet a Great Selection

Why is Crushed Velvet Flexible?

While crushed velvet is more luxurious and classier than other materials of its kind., it is by far adaptable. It comes in different forms and can fit a large bed with ease. It is a part of a massive range of exquisite furniture items. The fabric in question extends the horizons of high quality. Crushed velvet has revolutionized itself as the frontrunner fabric. With each innovation, the fabric still retains its original luxe nature.

Why is Crushed Velvet Flexible? 

Why does Velvet Require Maintenance? 

The fabric brings a sense of wealth, and anyone can purchase this fabric. Velvet is durable and does require maintenance. Maintaining the fabric correctly guarantees a long service to you and your living spaces. Without proper care, the fabric will start to show cracks.

As a matter of great importance, it is never hard to maintain a velvet fabric. Ammonia and velvet cleansers are great for getting rid of spills on the fabric. By simply just damping the spot with a microfibre, your fabric will be as new as the day you brought it home.

Having a cleaning routine to maintain the fabric extends its overall lifespan. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the fabric is advisable. The fabric is easy to clean. It all depends on the owner, either they maintain the fabric with proper maintenance or let the dirt settle in.

does Velvet Require Maintenance

A Crushed Velvet Bed to start with 

By choosing a fully upholstered bed, you can bring glamour into your room. The choice is simple, you can either bring conventional design into your room or go for a contemporary look. Velvet textures make your room feel alive. Moreover, the fabric offers vibrant streaks that are perfect for you. Luxurious beds such as Chesterfield crushed velvet bed or the Astral crushed velvet sleigh by Tender Sleep Furniture are some examples you can expect with this remarkable fabric. All these home décor items come with a padded headboard that is famous for making heads roll.

Invest in Small Items 

Investing in velvet furniture is currently the real target. However, if you consider investing in a sofa set or a bed set too pricey for your taste, you can always start small. Getting your hands on a velvet chair is the best way to experience this fabric head-on. These home décor items allow you to understand the overall feel of the fabric. 

Why does Crushed Velvet excel?

Velvet has an excellent performance of keeping warmth. During winter, the fabric can offer warmth to its users. The venting feature is a good indicator for you if you are evaluating the fabric in question. Velvet sofas are perfect for both the summer and winter. The soft texture of the fabric is the main reason why velvet is so popular. The structure of the fabric is tight, meaning it improves the overall quality with time. Velvet can last up to eight to ten years.  The fabric texture is elastic as well, meaning its performance improves. This is a blessing for you as the fabric will not be able to crinkle.

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