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Working from home? Avoid Doing it in Bed

Working from home? Avoid Doing it in Bed
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Working from home? Avoid Doing it in Bed

Due to Pandemic Coronavirus and lockdown all over the world, employees are asked to work from home. It means you are more likely to spend all day in the bed or the comfiest place in your house. A recent study reveals, almost 80% of young professionals like to work from the bed while they are at home. They like to grab their laptops and work from the comfort of the bed.  Actually, this attitude might affect our work performance and you are more likely to take a nap while working in such a comfy bed. That’s why it’s suggested to avoid doing the office work from bed. Infect you can set a separate work table or a recliner chair without compromising on your comfort. Here are some reasons why you should avoid doing office work in bed.

1. Separate Work and Rest Spaces:

Working from bed seems to be very tempting, but it might affect your performance. Actually, the human brain associates the bed with sleep, that’s why working from the bed might not be a good idea. Working in bed will blur the boundaries between the two and makes it difficult for you to switch off your thoughts about sleeping. To avoid this situation it’s better to set a proper workplace in your home, where you can exclusively focus on work. For this, you can buy our relaxing Shannon Swivel Chair or Dino Swivel Chair that will enable you to focus exclusively on work and boost your creativity. It’s better to set a work desk or a table to maintain a straight back? Or else you can have a standing desk to boost your concentration and efficiency. Creating a separate workspace will help you to create a mental shift and a sense of routine by reducing potential distractions.

2. Create Separate Boundaries:

If you are living in an open plan flat and trying to create a social distancing, then you are suggested to create boundaries between the workplace and the rest spaces. For this, you can keep a separate work table in the corner of your bedroom apart from your bed. From where you can work attentively, without any disturbance. Moreover, you can place a Shannon Footstool or Dino Footstool with your super comfy DINO Jumbo Cord Fabric Sofa to keep yourself relaxed while working from home. 

3. Quality of Sleep will Decrease:

Working from bed means you have to bring the laptop, tablet or cell phone into bed. It might disrupt the person’s quality of sleep, though. Working from the bed before going to sleep and bright blue light emissions from electronic devices will reduce the melatonin required to fall asleep. This condition might affect your productivity the next day. It doesn’t only sound relaxing, but it can affect both your work and sleep patterns, which will create a lose-lose situation. There are so many reasons not to work from bed, without compromising on your comfort level. Here we are explaining a few tricks to work from home without disrupting your sleep patterns and productivity:

Keep the devices away from the bed:

Create a separate space to sleep and work in your bedroom and avoid bringing electronic devices in your room. It will help you to prevent doing work from bed and sleep better at night. By doing so, you can create a divide between home and work life, so it doesn’t make you feel like you’re always working.

Try to take Frequents Breaks:

Take a deep breath and rest your eyes. Working from home doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to take breaks. To remain productive it’s essential to take as many breaks as you normally would in the office. Keep in mind that keeping away from laptop screen just for five minutes will work wonders and help you to be more productive

4. Communication is a Key Factor:

Working from home might be tempting and beneficial, but it can be very lonely, too. So, it’s better to stay connected with your colleagues and communicate with them on a regular basis. In this regard, you can use Skype, Email or send instant messages to your colleagues or managers. For group chat and calls, Skype is the best available tool, being used by most companies. Communication is the key element to improve performance and productivity. Group chats will help you to keep the management updated about your working-from-home routine. 

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