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Why is a Faux Leather Bed frame a Better Choice?

Faux Leather Bed Frame-Tender Sleep Furniture

Leather can be an expensive commodity. Owning a leather bed can be expensive, and most customers can only dream of owning a leather bed. That is not the case when faux leather came into play. This new kind of fabric allows customers with modest budgets to invest in leather beds. Before the advent of faux leather, owning a leather bed was as expensive as you can imagine. High-quality leather is hard to come by. Faux leather was a blessing for the masses. This allows customers to easily own a leather bed without spending too much cash on it.

Faux leather beds add the style that you desire. This kind of material is more common today than any other material. This is because faux leather has the highest level of resistance than any other fabric in the market today. With comparisons with velvet, faux leather is more desired. Faux leather beds are perfect for colder climates. The reason we prefer faux leather beds is that they are simply spectacular. The smoothness of the fabric coupled with a majestic bed frame. Tender Sleep Furniture offers a wide variety of options and versatility for this kind of material. But before we venture into why this is a preferred choice? We should cover the basics.

What is Faux Leather?

Faux Leather is an alternative to pure leather. Its construction involves the tanning of animal hides. This material is most commonly present in bed upholstery but can be present in various items. The material in question is vegan-friendly. This means that the fabric is easy to maintain and does not fade.

The faux leather bed offers sleepers the same natural smoothness that they find in other bed frames. The core difference is that the fabric is perfect for colder climates on the behest that it provides warmth.

Faux Leather Bed Frame

You have the option to choose a considerable bed frame. It all depends upon your requirements. Currently, the Faux leather bed frame of Tender Sleep Furniture comes in numerous variations. The design that you see below is a blend of traditional and modern magic.  Faux leather bed

s come with dual functions. Meaning, it can easily incorporate ottoman storage if you desire. It also comes without it.

Faux Leather Bed Frame-Tender Sleep Furniture

The frame of the leather bed is a sprung slat base. Sprung slats are perfect for bed with Ottomans. Unlike bentwood slats, sprung slats are more feasible. They are usually proving the in-depth natural comfort that the former lacks. Moreover, down the road, the sprung slats keep the mattress functional.

Is Faux Leather Bed Frame Affordable?

The answer is yes. Unlike a real leather bed that may cost you an arm and a leg, a faux leather bed is cheaper. They are far more affordable and with the options present, you can bring a majestic bed frame to your bedroom without plunging into debt. Tender Sleep Furniture offers the cheapest bed frame of the lot. Irrespective of whether you set your budget or not, the faux leather bed is still much cheaper than what the market estimates.

Is the Faux Leather Bed Frame Stylish?

If you live in a home that has modern furnishing, then the faux leather bed frame is the perfect solution. Check your space requirements before ordering. Currently, Tender Sleep Furniture offers faux leather bed frames in single, double, small double and king sizes. The images below are for reference only. They can give you a heads-up of what the bed frame will look like. Keep in mind, all the colours for these bed frames can easily match any décor that you may have in mind.

The colour palette for the faux leather bed frame is endless. Tender Sleep Furniture offers this kind of leather bed frame in three vibrant colours. You get to choose the faux leather bed in three personal colours which include pure white, common brown and gloss black. All three colours imbue greatness and bring a sense of style to your living spaces. Almost all UK homes come in pure white walls. This gives you a great opportunity to invest in faux leather bed frames that compliment your fine interior design.

Why is a Faux Leather Bed the Best Choice?

A common query that many customers ponder from time to time. They look at the product page but aren’t sure if it is feasible in any way. Customers who have been sleeping on a divan bed always find themselves questioning whether it is a good time to change the bed frame or not. Countless customers have reservations concerning faux leather bed frames. It makes them worry if they can sleep on a faux leather bed or not. And the answer is yes, they can easily sleep in a faux leather bed frame without any issues. Here is a list of reasons why a Faux leather bed frame is the best choice.

Faux Leather Bed Frame-Tender Sleep Furniture

Price of Faux Leather Bed Frame

Faux leather bed frames are cheap. You can get a single faux leather ottoman bed for £169. Keep in mind, the colour choice is your call, but you get 2 items for the price of one. This includes the remarkable fabric and a storage unit for your essential items. They are more feasible than divan beds. In comparison to other bed types, the faux leather bed frame is far more affordable.


Faux leather bed frames normally come in a variety of designs. Tender Sleep Furniture offers a faux leather bed frame in two key flavours. This includes with and without ottoman. All faux leather beds are part of the platform bed collection, meaning that they are not that high or low. You can easily get inside and out of a faux leather bed without any access issues.


Faux leather beds come in major sizes. Currently, tender sleep furniture offers faux leather bed frames in single, small double, double, and king sizes. By any choice, you can choose the sofas that fulfil your necessities without any strings attached. A faux leather bed is greater as the dimensions are far greater than a normal divan bed frame. Keep in mind that almost all bed frames that we have on offer come with the option to add a mattress of your choice dirt cheap. And the mattress that arrives at your location will be of the same size as the bed frame you select.

Is the Faux Leather Bed Comfortable and Durable?

Almost all faux leather bed frames we employ come with a sprung slat base. Sprung slats come with wooden slats that have a curve frame. The distinct advantage of the frame is that it provides extra support for you and your mattress. This helps provide relief to your body when you need it the most.

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