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How to Clean Leather Furniture?

How to Clean Leather Furniture?
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Leather is an incredibly durable material for home décor items, but in time does require some maintenance to keep it in its original shape. Keeping your leather sofa in its original shape is relatively simple if you follow key maintenance tips. These tips help bring your leather home decor items to their original shape. Leather items also come with several variations that require different requirements. To start maintaining your leather home décor items, it is better to get your leather. To inquire what kind of leather fabric you have, it is best to inspect the label or look up your item on the World Wide Web.

Leather variation

Leather fabric comes in two forms.

Unprotected version

This has a soft and luxurious feel to it. This type of leather is Aniline leather. The key indicator to identify this type of fabric is that the texture contains a certain dye upon it. It comes with zero coating to improve its visibility but does come with hazard treatment that prevents the fabric in question from accumulating dust. This type of leather is more prone to damage than the protected variations. This is because this type of leather is sensitive and is also expensive.

Protected Version

The protected version of the leather fabric is the complete form of this remarkable upholstery. Faux leather is a broader example of this kind of fabric. This is on the part that faux leather like the variation it comes from is a final product. Unlike the unprotected version of leather that is unfinished by style. This type of leather fabric comes full circle without any issues.

Leather Furniture Cleaner

To clean leather, you need to invest in a leather cleaner. They are effective at deep cleaning your fabric by cleaning the baseline. They help remove all dirt, flies, mosquitoes and grime from leather. The best possible way to clean a leather sofa is to use foam rather than liquid. As many of you know, liquid cleaning is harder than liquid.  Water and other liquids are some things that rebel more quickly than using a sponge.

Leather Cleaner

Necessary Items

The other things that come in handy in cleaning leather furniture is a handy vacuum with a brush add-on, a microfiber cloth to wipe any leftovers, Vinegar, and a small bucket. Regularly maintaining your items helps keep the stains away and make sure that your leather items remain in their tip-top shape without any issues. Harder stains are those stains that you did not act on time, and they have swollen inside the fabric. Getting them out will be harder than usual.


To get started with cleaning your leather home décor, the first thing you need to do is to use your vacuum cleaner with the rush add-on and start brushing it gently. Focus on areas that you know where dust normally gathers, that would be the corners under the creases. If a brush add-on for the vacuum cleaner is not doing its job, then a feather duster does be the alternative. However, as per requirement do not use the vacuum add-on, instead get one from the pound shop. Using force with the feather duster may damage your leather upholstery, so be gentle. After you have done away with dust that has been plaguing your leather furniture for some time. To make sure that the dust is cleaned properly, use baby wipes or simple wipes for deep cleaning.


After you have done the initial cleaning, it is time for you to observe your leather furniture. This observation clearly shows which part of your home decor is worse to wear. This observation helps you to see which area requires work.

Mixing it up

A water solution with vinegar comes in handy in cleaning leather home decor items without any issues. You can use a microfiber cloth or a sponge to dip in the solution and start from the most affected area first. Keep doing this until you see any stain, the fabric upholstery starts to change. Furthermore, make sure that you keep doing it until you get some good results. Keep in mind to avoid spreading the dirt and to clean out in the small bucket.’

Final Clean of Leather Furniture

Use a simple dry cloth and wipe the liquid away after you have done your deep cleaning. Just a simple FYI that at any point you should leave the leather fabric hanging with liquid. Soak or wipe the liquid away.

Final Clean of Leather Furniture

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