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How to Celebrate World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day
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Sleep is the most important part of our human life. But unfortunately, it’s one of the most underrated aspects of people’s lives. Getting enough amount of sleep can be a real challenge. Especially for people with recurring sleep problems, as it affects everything else in their life.  The World Sleep Day is to aid and educate people all over the world about sleep-related issues and their importance. This day will change the way people view and experience sleep thanks to valuable resources in their daily lives.  


The world is celebrating international sleep day 2021 with a theme, “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”. It will highlight sleep as an important pillar of health. 

Quality of life will decrease due to poor health conditions or sleepless nights. Celebrate this International Sleep Day with your family. It’s better to talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its impacts on sleep patterns.   

People should take the initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle. You must find a solution to improve your sleep patterns by changing that outdated bed or mattress. Here are some ways you can consider giving an international nod to the day:

Take a Nap

It’s best to take an extra nap while celebrating World Sleep Day. For this, you can simply take a day off and sleep as long as you want.  You can try to grab a 20-minute power nap during your lunch break at work. You will definitely feel refreshed after this wonderful power nap. 

Buy a New Mattress

Lots of people are struggling with sleep problems due to having poor support structure of the bed. You can simply use World Sleep Day as an excuse for buying a new bed or mattress. That will help you to make a difference in sleep quality. Buy some higher-end mattresses like a 2000 pocket sprung mattresssemi orthopaedic mattressfull orthopaedic mattressmemory foam mattress, or super orthopaedic mattress.

Practice Sleep Hygiene 

Children naturally fall asleep when they are tired, but adults can’t do the same thing. Taking care of physical health and following a healthy diet plan can help you to improve your sleep patterns. Your daily hygiene routine helps your body to get ready for good night sleep. It includes healthy habits and daily relaxing routines such as;

Follow sleep routine:

The circadian rhythms of the human body work much better when bedtime and wake-up time will be the same every day. 


There are numerous people who don’t have enough physical activity during the daytime. They might struggle to sleep at night. So, you are to take a brisk walk or perform any cardio exercise a few hours before bedtime. 

Reduce caffeine intake:

Caffeine act as a stimulant to make the mind and body active. So do not take coffee, tea, or other beverages at least 6 hours prior to bedtime.

Room temperature:

Maintaining the perfect room temperature is also essential. Ideal room temperature that you must set before sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees F or 16-19 degrees C.

Dim the lights:

Don’t expect to fall asleep immediately after lying on the bed, you are suggested to tell the brain that it’s time to sleep simply by lowering the lights. 


It’s significant to turn off all electronic devices before going to sleep. Always try to turn off your laptop, television, smartphone or other devices 60 minutes prior to bedtime as they emit blue lights that can disturb your sleep patterns. 

Even a new mattress won’t let you sleep better if your base is unaligned or damaged. So, yes at this Wold Sleep day take an initiative to change your old bed base to improve the quality of your sleep. For this, you can visit the online store of Tender Sleep to find the best base for your mattress. You can find a range of bed bases at the most competitive prices i-e Divan base, Heaven bed, Royal wing bed, Plush Velvet Lucy Ottoman Bed. Chesterfield Bed, etc.

Download a Sleep App

People having some sleep issues can take help from smartphone applications. There are lots of apps out there to help you to sleep like Calm, Reflect, Slumber and Sleep Cycle. These apps are meant to soothe the brain towards sleep and measure the sleeping rhythms throughout the night to help you sleep better at night.

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