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How to Sleep Cool this Summer?

How to Sleep Cool this Summer
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Summer season is about to start, it reminds us about enjoyment, picnic, beaches, sunbathing or taking time off from the hectic time routines to relax and recuperate. Summers are a perfect time to revitalize your mind and body, but this requires quality sleep. Unfortunately, during this time it’s really hard to sleep due to hot weather conditions. 

So, now the question is what makes it difficult to sleep during the summer. Ideal sleep conditions during summers are to have a slightly cool room and low body temperatures.But it’s really hard to achieve ideal sleep conditions during the blistering summer nights. So in that situation, you can opt for different ways to ensure a good night sleep during hot nights. 

Using an air conditioner is an obvious solution to maintain the low bedroom temperature, especially in the summer season. The air conditioner produces white noise, it stifles other sounds that disrupt overall sleep patterns restricting you to sleep peacefully. So, we can say that an air conditioner is not the best way to prevent heat.  But we can give you some ingenious and affordable alternatives.


1. Perform regular exercise:

Inactivity might be one of the most common reasons causing sleep issues. People think it’s better to take some time off in the summers to rest instead of performing any physical activity. But if you won’t engage your body in some physical activity before going to bed, then it might keep you awake, tossing and rolling in the bed.

The summers are ideal for exercising, but it’s better to stop exercising a few hours before bedtime. Otherwise, it will raise your body temperature and retain heat in your body, making it difficult for you to sleep.

2. Get a quieter bedroom

It’s very important to make your bedroom a quieter place, as it will help you to sleep better at night. With the increase in the use of smartphones and televisions, it has become difficult to make your bedroom a quieter place. So you are suggested to turn off all the electronics and lights 30 minutes before going to bed that will allow you to sleep better. 

3. Follow a healthy diet plan:

To improvise sleep patterns you are suggested to follow a healthy diet plan. Try to increase the intake of protein and whole grains, meant to steady the blood sugar levels of the human body over the course of the day. Increase the intake of eggs, lean meat, low-fat cheese and legumes, it will help you to get an energy boost throughout the day. Barley and other grains contain magnesium that helps in improving sleep. 

4. Take a lukewarm shower:

Taking the shower with lukewarm water will help you to cool down your body temperature, enabling you to sleep better. You must avoid taking too cold or hot showers before going to bed. A cold shower might have an adverse effect on your body by increasing your body temperature. Later on, it might generate more heat in your home and increase the humidity, factors that might hamper your sleep. 

5. Opt for lighter bedding:

Get rid of the heavy blankets in summers instead you must use lighter bedding i-e cotton sheets and cotton weave blankets. Cotton bedding retains less heat, but it’s more breathable unlike other synthetics like polyester to help you sleep cool throughout the night. 


1. Get a cooler mattress.

Your mattress is another source of heat in your sleep environment, especially if you are using Memory foam mattresses meant to trap the heat. So, you are suggested to use hybrid mattresses i-e 2000 pocket sprung mattress, Full Orthopaedic mattress, Super Orthopaedic Memory Foam (8″-10″) Mattress, etc. These mattresses are the best choice for people who like to stay cool at night. Tender Sleep offers a wonderful range of mattresses at a very affordable price. 

You also have the option to buy a cooling mattress pad or topper instead of buying a completely new mattress. Basically, these mattress pads are designed to give you extra cushioning, while neutralizing the overall surface temperature of your mattress. To enjoy an extra cool sleeping experience, you must look for one that contains fans or built-in water tanks. These type of mattresses will help you to stay cool without spending much.

2. Get yourself hydrated:

It’s perfect to keep your body hydrated so it can thermoregulate more efficiently, it will help you to sleep better. Moreover, drinking a cool glass of water before going to bed might help you to stay cool all night. If you feel water is boring then you can switch things up with crushed ice or a Popsicle. Avoid eating fruity or juicy popsicles otherwise excessive sugar rush in the body will keep you up all night.

3. Bring cool down tools to bed:

Choose the bed or base designed to keep you cool all night, just like Royal Wing Bed, Heaven Bed, Lucy Ottoman Storage Bed, Sleigh Bed, Chesterfield Bed, etc. These beds are available at very affordable rates at Tender Sleep, designed to help you stay cool all night. Other than buying a new bed there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself cool at night, some of them are discussed below;

  • Fill your hot water bottle in the morning and place it in the freezer. It will be ready, by the time you sleep at night, simply have the chilled ice pack to cool your feet while sleeping, to keep yourself cool this summer season.
  • The next thing you can do to keep yourself cool at night is to fill a sock with rice, place it in the freezer for at least an hour. Later on, you can pull it out just before you sleep and it will help you to stay cool for 30 minutes, enough time for you to fall asleep.
  • You are suggested to use plain cotton sheets instead of thick duvets or blankets. That will help you to feel cool at night, but if you like to use a duvet then opt for one with the lowest tog rating.
  • The next thing you can do is to put your bed sheet in the fridge or freezer. For this, you can use a zip-lock bag to keep it dry. Take it out before getting into the bed it will help you feel chilled. 

4. Make customize air conditioner:

DIY air conditioner won’t be like a commercial air conditioner, but this ingenious solution will help you to cool down your room. You need to have an electric fan, a big mixing bowl and some ice cubes. After having these items, fill the mixing bowl with ice cubes, turn on the electric fan and place it in front of the bowl. It will result in giving you a cool breeze due to the warm air causing the ice to melt. It’s not an exact replacement for a commercial air conditioner, but it’s an economic and environment friendly way to keep the #bedroom cool during the summer.

5. Use a slatted bed frame:

Using a bed frame with slats will help you with temperature regulation, as compared to a plain slab base i-e a solid Divan bed base. You can get some amazing slated beds from Tender Sleep to help you sleep cool this summer. Here are some recommendations for slated beds that you can buy; Sleigh Bed, Heaven Storage Bed, Lucy Ottoman Bed, Chesterfield Bed, etc.

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