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The Most Luxurious Types of Sofa Sets

luxury sofa set
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Luxurious Sofa Sets the living room is the heartbeat and focus point of every home, so decorate it perfectly. It’s the place where you gather as a family, host parties and most importantly, relax after a long day. Since it forms such an important and central part of the home, the furniture accessories and fixtures should leave a lasting impression on the guests. The most attractive furniture accessory in the living room is the sofa. The comfort, design, style, and features of a sofa are crucial areas where you must focus while deciding on the ideal type of sofa for your home.

Depending on the colour scheme and interior of your home, choose a sofa that blends in without appearing improper. Contemporary, modern, vintage, eclectic, shabby chic and traditional are some popular sofa styles you can use creatively to design the layout of your living room. To enhance the comfort level of your sofa set, consider placing a few colourful throws and designer cushions and create a comfortable interior everyone loves to lounge around.

We are here to help you find an ideal sofa for your living room, but it’s significant to know about various types of sofas suitable for contemporary style living room:

Fabric Luxurious Sofa Sets

Fabric is a versatile upholstery material for sofas, to make them look variant, stylish and colourful. There is a range of fabric materials for beds and sofas upholstery. It can be Plush velvet, crushed velvet, cotton, silk, leather or wool fabric material upholstery.     

These types of upholstered furniture items will transform the ambience of your room due to its premium texture. Fabric is the most essential factor to consider before buying the sofa set. You must know that different fabrics require different levels of maintenance. So choose the one that suits your lifestyle and daily cleaning routines. Checkout the latest fabric sofa collection at Tender Sleep, here you have the option to select from Shannon sofa, Dino Jumbo Cord Sofa, Verona Sofa, etc. 

Fabric upholstery enables you to easily get creative with patterns, bold colours and neutral shades depending on the theme of the room. If you have minimalistic interior design, then opt for neutral fabric patterns. But for contemporary style bedroom interior, you can use bold patterns to create a beautiful contrast to amaze your guests.

Fabric Luxurious Sofa Sets

Corner Luxurious Sofa Sets

Corner sofa sets or L shaped sofas are very popular, designed to match modern-day themes. These types of corner sofas are designed to utilize the empty corners of the living room. The imperfect design of the corner sofa makes it look more attractive, deemed to create a relaxing space in your lounge. Moreover, L shaped, Right Corner Sofa, Left corner sofa, Verona Corner sofa, features extra storage and space-saving design. In modern flats and homes space is a premium factor, to utilize minimum space L shaped sofas are the perfect option. 

You can get corner sofas upholstered in a variety of materials i-e plush velvet, crushed velvet, cotton, leather or chenille. You can choose the one that suits your lifestyle and home interior. Furthermore, you have the option to get a right corner sofa, left corner sofa or universal corner sofas in case you want to refresh and update the interior design of your living room. 

Corner Luxurious Sofa Sets

Leather Sofa Sets

Initially, immemorial leather upholstery on these sofa sets provides a warm and comfortable experience. A luxurious furniture item with infinite benefits and advantages. The leather sofa is associated with a premium tag, derived from its quality and durability. You can get these leather sofas in neutral shades that will blend perfectly with all types of bedroom interiors. 

The overall look and appeal of leather sofa gets better with age. With ageing, the rugged and distressed look of the leather sofa makes it more comfortable and softer. Try out your favourite leather sofa in the living room, you’ll definitely love its appearance. 

PU leather sofa set

Chesterfield Sofa

If you like the chesterfield and geometric patterns of your sofa, then opt to have a chesterfield infinity sofa. The fabric upholstery, clasping and tufted details of the chesterfield sofa makes it look classy and stylish. The rich tufted details on the sofa along with backside cushions makes it luxurious furniture set to place in the living room.

Get creative with these sofa sets available in a range of leather, velvet or cotton fabric upholstery and tufted details with a wide range of colours. The high level of detailing on the Grey Chesterfield Sofa requires extra caution and maintenance. Buy your favourite chesterfield sofa to enhance a premium décor ambience in your living room.

chesterfield grey sofa

Sofa Beds   

Sofa Bed is a perfect combination of innovation and functionality. You can find lots of amazing designs and styles in sofa sets. Need a spare sleeping space, then apt for a sofa bed that’s a very pocket friendly option for your home. The multi utility design of the sofa bed is best for people who want to combine the luxury with practical benefits.Besides the dual-purpose design of the sofa bed, it also offers storage space, allowing you to store the household goods and items. It’s an affordable luxury item to have in your living room.

It will blend with all types of living room interiors. This Sofa can be turned into the bed in seconds, it’s easy to use and handle, simply slide out the base and pop on the bedding to make it a bed. It plays 2 important roles; as a sofa and a bed. So yes, save your money and space with this comfy leather sofa bed.

Sofa Beds   

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