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Willow Upholstered Ottoman Storage Bed

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  • Stylish Appearance
  • Luxurious Finishing
  • Metallic Frame
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Ample Storage Option
  • Supportive Base

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Willow Upholstered Ottoman Bed combines elegance with innovation. It is the most suitable centerpiece for your room and adds to the beauty of your bedroom. The storage unit is huge, and this can accommodate plenty of items thus minimizing the clutter in the room. Due to its creativity in meeting space requirements and suggesting more effective storage solutions to enhance the beauty of the bedroom, the Willow Ottoman Bed offers the storage space that it does. The Willow Ottoman bed offers the softness of upholstered fabric that is of high quality and the additional feature of Chesterfield headboard is a unique feature that adds to the luxurious look of this bed.

The economic solution to your desires is here with an imperial touch of Chesterfield headboard in an affordable price range. The headrest of the Willow Ottoman Bed has fabric buttons embedded in it, which give it a regal appearance. It is simple to adjust in the bedroom and offers a better storage handling solution thanks to its ottoman unit, which is simple to access with a single touch of your hand. This bed is a must try option because it enables the customer to afford luxury with an economic price range. Willow Upholstered Ottoman bed offers smooth touch of upholstery and noble look of chesterfield at its headboard with beautifully embedded buttons for competing the perfection standards of modern times.

Frame of the Willow Upholstered Ottoman Bed:

However, the frame of Willow Ottoman Bed comes with sprung slates that offer natural flexibility and increase the bounce for advanced comfortability. A specially designed Metallic Frame offers durability to the sprung slates and act as a foundation for the sprung slates. A sturdy metallic frame that is included in the Willow Ottoman bed helps to reinforce the bed’s fundamental construction.

Similarly, the Willow bed is the ideal option for those looking for inexpensive and fashionable ottoman beds with cutting-edge storage handling units that are easily accessible with a single touch. The natural bouncing characteristic of sprung slates provide extra comfortability to the sleeper. The strong and durable frame of the bed provides a base for the bed to increase its strength. The gas-lifters that are used are easy to operate and one can master their use within no time. Although the gas-lifters are initially a little stiff, they gradually become softer and easier to use. The extra benefit that Willow Bed provides is the efficient operation of gas-lifters.

Design of the Willow Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame:

Moreover, the prominent feature of Willow Upholstered Ottoman storage Bed is its fascinating design of bed frame. The Bed Frame of Willow Bed is a combination between innovation and classic bedding. This accounts in the superiority of the bed against all the odds and provides a better look from every angle. The quality of the bed is enhanced by using upholstered fabric and introducing innovation in the quality of storage beds.

Willow Bed is the perfect choice which combined classic bedding with innovativeness and allowed the extra belongings in the ottoman unit to improve the conventional utility of bedding. The bed frame gives a sensation of comfort with decently upholstered fabric. The reason for choosing this Willow bed is its affordability and trendiness. This bed is affordable, and it is of high quality and that is the main reason for winning the trust of customers for their choice to invest in the right place.Undoubtedly, Willow Ottoman bed is far better and trendier than all the other options that are available in the market.

Fabric of Willow Ottoman Bed Frame:

The depth in colour and wonderful soft touch are the attributes of velvet. The softness of plush velvet and its fine quality make it the best fabric for upholstery and domestic requirements. It can be cleaned super easily and has a great quality of repelling liquids. The fabric is one of the most loved fabrics thus adding this love to your bed with its excellent softness. You can add luxury to your furniture by using this fabric, which is one of the best choices for upholstery.

The headboard is exquisitely holstered in the style of a Chesterfield, and lovely buttons have been strategically placed on it. The Chesterfield looks of the headboard contribute to the luxurious standards that the bed offers to its customers. We use maximum security standards and hazard-free materials to prevent any possible hazards that the Willow Ottoman Bed might pose.The risks and hazards associated with this product were carefully analyzed to combine the features of old with innovative furniture ideas and guarantee a long life of Willow Bed.

Colour of the Willow Upholstered Ottoman Storage Bed Frame:

The Willow Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame belongs to the family of grounded bed collections. The colour offered in this bed frame by Tender Sleep is grey. The reason for choosing grey is that it is the colour of perfect balance between white and black. In addition, grey symbolizes the beautiful balance of white and black and this is the reason this colour depicts balance in the life of those who choose it. So, the ambitious lifestyle and perfect balance in life are the prominent features of those who choose grey colour as their personality code. The simplicity and serenity of grey colour makes it the choice of those who prefer balance in their life.

Storage Unit in Willow Upholstered Ottoman Storage Bed Frame:

Most of the house owners in the UK face the issue of storage capacity. This is the main reason why the ultimate choice of people living in the UK is dependent on the storage handling capacity of their furniture. Willow Ottoman Bed in this regard fulfills the storage needs of every bedroom and it also provides a huge ottoman compartment to store all the basic and non-basic accessories and belongings. In fact, the ottoman unit is easy to open and close. The fabric on the base of the bed gives an elegant look to the Willow Bed. Privacy and comfort both are provided by Willow bed because one can easily place all his personal belongings in the ottoman unit. This enables storing a lot of things and lessening the clutter from the bedroom.

Box Items:

The Willow Ottoman Bed comes with a bed frame with total assembly parts. The headboards and sprung slates are also provided with this package. This grand offer of Willow Bed is affordable and is a must unit to be the part of your own bedroom. Upon choosing a bed and mattress, we offer a discount as part of our offer. Therefore, discount on both, the price of bed and mattress is possible by availing this offer. Therefore, both items can reach your doorstep in a single order thus saving your precious time. This gives the opportunity to fix and arrange the mattress on bed at the same time and enjoy the real feeling of luxury in an affordable range.


Tender Sleep guarantees that the products offered are top of the line and will endure for a lifetime. The satisfaction of happy customers is an evident proof that Tender Sleep provides the best products.


Willow Bed Frame

Box Size

Size: BOX 1 and weight Box 2 and weight
137 x 190CM 152 x 113 x 10cm , 16KGS 199 x 30 x 21CM , 23KGS
150 x 200CM 165 x 113 x 10cm , 18KGS 209 x 30 x 21CM , 25KGS
180 x 200CM 195 x 113 x 10cm , 22KGS 209 x 30 x 21CM , 27.5KGS


Product Size

Double 4FT6              – L207 x W146 x H110 cm,
King Size 5FT           – L217 x W159 x H110 cm,
Super king Size 6FT – L217 x W189 x H110cm

All measurements are approximated.



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Ottoman Storage


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