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Yate Upholstered Ottoman Gas Lift Storage Bed

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The Yate Upholstered Ottoman Gas Lift Storage Bed is a symbol of perfection. The quality of the bed speaks for itself by providing a tender sensation for you and your family. This is the ultimate choice for relaxing and spending your precious moments in an affordable comfy environment. This Ottoman Bed illuminates the elegant look of the bedroom and pacifies your style needs with complete comfort. Those who never compromise on comfort prefer this bed, which combines tradition with modern needs.

The bed is a perfectionist in allowing new horizons for your relationship. Yate Storage Bed makes you feel delightful because of its role in providing you with the perfect cherishing moments of your quality time. The true desire for having an Ottoman Bed in your bedroom makes this bed unique because it offers uniqueness with innovation. The smooth touch of the upholstery adds to the comfort level that is provided by Upholstered Ottoman Bed.

Frame of the Yate Upholstered Ottoman Gas Lift Storage Bed:

The frame of Yate Ottoman Bed is using sprung slats. A Metallic Frame is being provided for adding to the endurance and weight handling capacity of the Ottoman Bed. The needed amount of foundation for the sprung slates is also a prominent feature of metallic frame in Yate Storage Bed. The metallic frame used in the Upholstered Ottoman Storage Bed lays the basic groundwork for the ottoman. The gas lifting procedure of sprung slates is a prominent feature of Yate Ottoman Bed. These sprung slats are suitable for gas lifting and create an additional storage compartment beneath the bed.

Sprung slates have the natural quality of producing bounce. This adds to the comfort level of Yate Ottoman Bed and natural bounce is also good for both the sleeper and the mattress. A durable frame supports the foundation of the bed, providing a strong base. The process of handling the gas-lift mechanism can be a tricky process in initial days but with time the bed becomes more and more responsive by providing a smooth operation for gas-lifters.

Design of the Yate Upholstered Ottoman Gas Lift Storage Bed:

The fascinating design of the bed frame in Yate Ottoman Bed is one of the most prominent features that come along with this bed. We combine traditional bed design with modern innovation to create an opulent look for the Ottoman Bed. We introduce quality in Storage Beds by combining divine bedding with innovation. The ultimate sensation of being discreet and staying low key is provided with elegance and comfort in Yate Ottoman Bed Frame. It is a trendy and affordable choice. No doubt, this bed is of high quality under an affordable range that adds to the value of Ottoman Bed.

Fabric of Yate Ottoman Bed Frame:

The perfectly woven combination of wool, silk, rayon, and cotton yields chenille fabric. The bed introduces the classic touch of chenille that gives a soft feeling and adds to the comfort of the bed. Chenille fabric adds a fluffy touch to regular furniture and is a leading fabric used for home décor. It has a unique history that accounts for the unique look of the Yate bed. Perfectly made for those who can’t resist sleeping on a comfortable bed.

Colour of the Yate Storage Bed Frame:

Yate Upholstered Ottoman Gas Lift Storage Bed frame is a member of grounded bed collections, and this is one of the most beautiful features of this bed. Grey is a mixture of fusions, and it is the best choice when a person is indecisive regarding the selection of colour. The perfect grey tone gives the linen fabric a new life in this fusion. Being the symbol of intellect and pure intelligence, grey is the colour for those who maintain continuous ambition in their life. The simplicity offered by grey colour makes it attractive for those who choose simplicity above everything. The perfect balance between white and black produces grey and this colour also symbolizes living in a balanced way.

Storage Unit in Yate Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame:

Homeowners in the UK always face the issue of space in their homes. The reason for choosing this bed is its capacity to manage and store extra belongings in the ottoman unit. The ottoman unit can easily be opened with a single touch of your hand. Simple fabric is used at the base for covering the bed. All the basic and important items can be easily housed in the storage unit that is offered by Yate Ottoman Bed. The bed offers privacy as per the personal demands of every customer. Adequate space is provided with the help of an ottoman unit in Yate Ottoman Bed. Larger sizes of this bed are also available if a greater storage size is needed and that purely is up to the choice of customers according to their storage and space needs.

Box Items:

The bed frame of the Ottoman Bed comes with a bed. Simple headboards are provided with this offer, and there are additional usual items such as sprung slates that come along with the package. This bed is a grand offer in an affordable price range. When you order this bed frame together with the mattress, you must try this offer because it comes with a special discount on the price of both the bed and the mattress. Both the items can reach in one time delivery charges that further reduce the cost of the deal.


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Yate Bed Frame

Box Size

Size: BOX 1 and weight Box 2 and weight
120 x 190CM 137 x 119.5 x 8cm , 13.5KGS 199 x 30 x 22CM , 24.5KGS
137 x 190CM 152 x 119.5 x 8cm , 15KGS 199 x 30 x 22CM , 25KGS
150 x 200CM 165 x 119.5 x 8cm , 17KGS 209 x 30 x 22CM , 26.5KGS


Product Size

4FT   – L203 x W132 x H100 cm,
4FT6 – L203 x W146 x H100 cm,
5FT   – L213 x W159 x H100cm

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