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What are Divan Beds, and why are they Important?

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Frequently Asked Question about Divan beds

Divan beds are a special type of bed. The most common example of a bed includes the use of slats. That is not the case when it comes to divans. Slats are prone to breakage. That is why a change was required. The repair cost with slats being broken now and then was astronomical. That is why the divan bed is a great alternative. Unlike solid slats, the divan base comes in two components. These two combine to form the divan base. To combat the overhead costs, a new kind of base comes into action. This is known as a box-spring base. The sizes of bed matter a lot, when it comes to comfort.

What is a box spring base?

A base that comes with a wooden frame. The structure of the base is a square box. This base provides the foundation the divan bed requires. Unlike the solid slats, the box springs do not have any moving parts. Instead, it relies on the steel coils that form a network. With an anti-slip fabric, the experience is spectacular. The springs can levitate the overall pressure. The base can provide a comfortable sleep if you invest in a divan bed with a mattress. The open coils present inside the wooden frame can promote airflow. It provides the support you require.  

The even distribution of the weight is one of the main reasons why customers prefer a divan bed with a mattress. This way the whole framework prevents the open coils from sagging. An orthopaedic mattress is the best pair for the divan bed. Investing in a pocket sprung mattress is incompatible. Having two of the same things will have an effect that will hamper comfort. The springs present inside the box spring base act as shock absorbers. Which in return reduces the transfer of motion.

What is the benefit of owning divan beds?

Here are several benefits of owning a divan bed.

The box spring base can provide unrelenting support to the mattress. This means that the base can cushion the mattress and provide ample relief to the sleeper. The base can also raise the mattress to a certain height. This gives an advantage to customers who can easily access the mattress without any issues. At the same time, the box spring base can protect the mattress from shock.  Having a box spring base helps in the improvement of airflow. This gives the sleeper a cool and comfortable sleep.

Divan beds

Why do hotels use divan beds?

Hotels use the divan bed because they are cheaper. The construction and maintenance cost of the divan bed is also affordable. Meaning if a guest damages the bed, it can be easily replaced.  Hotels are famous for creating the illusion that the room you are staying in is a paradise.  But that is not the case. Almost all the hotels and motels across the UK rely on a divan bed. It is the cheapest alternative a person can locate.

Does the divan bed come with attachments?

Almost all divan beds sold by Tender Sleep come with an option to add an attachment to them. Customers get the opportunity to invest in a divan bed with drawers and a divan bed with a mattress. We take great pride in offering customers various options when it comes to comfort. The box spring base does come with the option to add drawers. Customers can choose two drawers or four. It depends on the clutter they might have.

Do Divan beds squeak?

Divan beds like all other beds on the market use a wooden frame.  The rate at which the divan bed squeaks is unlikely. This is mostly due to the use of components that keep the bed frame intact. After extensive use of the bed frame, it might show signs of squeaking. But from our reports that is not possible. Any noise that comes inside the bed frame is due to loosening joints or the frame of the bed losing its value. The divan bed uses a box spring base. So, divan beds will not squeak.

Do divan bed use slats?

Divan beds do not use slats. It relies on a box spring base. Solid slats and sprung slats are a viable alternative for customers who are tired of divans. Solid slats are the reason box spring base came into being. And with the addition of new technology, box spring bases are being replaced by sprung slats. The synergy of both wooden slats and pocket sprung gives a new meaning to comfort.

Does the divan bed come with drawers?

Yes, customers who invest in the divan bed do get the opportunity to add drawers. Tender Sleep offers its customers this opportunity. Customers need to choose the size. Single can only house two drawers. Sizes above double can house the whole complement up to four drawers. Drawers can help lessen the clutter in the room. At the same time, it can store essential and non-essential items without any issues.

Does Divan Bed come in any other variation?

Yes, it does. Tender Sleep offers a crushed velvet divan bed as well. The majestic fabric takes centre stage for this simple bed. Velvet is the most desirable fabric in the market today. At the same time, the opulence level is off the scale. The crushed velvet offers a texture with high shine. Crushed velvet divan beds are available in numerous sizes. The double crushed velvet divan bed with mattress is the best option possible.

Are the divan beds compact?

For small to medium rooms the divan bed is large. But for medium rooms, it is compact. Meaning that you will still have some legroom. This all depends on the size of the divan bed you invest in. The small double divan bed is a suitable choice for you if you live in a small to medium household.

What comes once I order divan beds?

As per standard, you will receive the divan bed of the size you have ordered. If you opted for the drawers and headboard. They will arrive with the bed bases. As usual, the divan bed will arrive with rubber wheels. If you don’t like rubber wheels, then you can change them to castors. This change is free and on the house by Tender Sleep. Furthermore, with this order, all the necessary items that you will require to assemble the bed frame will arrive.

Why Tender Sleep?

We are the only online retailers that sell cheap divan beds with mattresses and headboards. Moreover, we provide you with numerous options when choosing the bed for your home. We provide excellent customer service.

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