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Storage Beds FAQ Guide

storage bed

What is a storage bed?

A storage bed is a bed that can house various items. Any bed type can become a storage bed. This might seem a little mind-boggling, but that is not the case. A bed that offers options to store items is also called a storage bed. A divan bed with drawers and an ottoman are two different types of storage beds. The former adds drawers to its base. Whereas the latter comes with storage built into the frame. It uses a gas lift to give you access to it. An investment in a storage bed is always beneficial. As it offers two functionaries for the price of one. Thus, making it the perfect example of dual function.

Tender Sleep is the only online furniture company that offers king size storage beds at low prices. This means customers who are searching for a bed frame that can lessen the clutter in their room. They will have to look no further.

What are the examples of storage beds?

The best example of a storage bed is an Ottoman bed. This type of bed comes with storage from the get-go. Meaning the whole bed frame revolves around the storage of items. The ottoman is the greatest achievement in the bedding market. Customers who invest in the ottoman bed will get the comfort and peace they desire. The bed frame consists of sprung slats that are truly beneficial to you and your mattress. Using a gas-lift mechanism the sprung slats lift and allow you access to the ottoman storage.

Another example of a storage bed or the ottoman bed is a divan bed with drawers. This bed type is perfect for a customer who has a tight budget. Customers can add drawers inside the base of the divan bed. Depending on the size of the divan bed customers can add up to four drawers. Concerning storage, a divan bed with drawers can only store soft goods at maximum. Whereas the ottoman bed can store everything and anything. The diagram clearly shows storage space in each of the mentioned beds.

Ottoman Storage Bed

Is a Storage Bed a good fit for me?

A storage bed is an alternative bed type. It is not a speciality item. Instead, it is a dual function bed. Any person who wants to lessen the clutter in their room. The storage bed is for them. With a 2000 pocket sprung mattress, the ottoman bed is perfect for comfortable sleep. Always check the dimension of the bed with the space you have. Furthermore, keep in mind that when the ottoman rises it needs ceiling clearance.

You don’t want a bed that doesn’t fully function due to limitations on your part. As always Tender Sleep ottoman beds come with safety latches to prevent the ottoman from rising. Customers can choose the style and colour of the bed. A king-size ottoman bed is a perfect way to start.

What are the benefits of owning storage beds?

The key benefit of owning a storage bed is how pragmatic these beds are. The extra space not only adds function but flexibility as well. If you want a small space than a chest of drawers or a divan bed with drawers can suffice. But if you want function then a storage bed will be able to complete this focus. A king-size ottoman bed is a perfect answer to your dilemma about storage. With a storage bed, you can store almost anything and everything that might cause clutter. The dual function of sleep and storage is the only reason why many customers prefer this bed frame.

The other benefit of having storage beds is that they are easy to use. The gas lift rises without any issues making it one of the easiest ways to use the ottoman storage space. The divan bed with drawers is present on the sides for better visibility.

Are storage beds expensive?

It all depends on how you define expensive. If you buy from an expensive store, then it is costlier. But if you purchase from Tender Sleep then a storage bed is not costly instead it is cheaper. You can get a great storage bed for less than £300 and this includes shipping. The Plush Velvet Lucy Ottoman Storage Bed is the perfect example. It is affordable to the core. It comes in the colour grey and double size. This storage bed comes without a mattress. The leather Ottoman Storage bed and the Elo Crushed Velvet Ottoman Storage bed are also great affordable solutions.

Is Storage Bed Strong?

The frame of storage is of solid wood. All our storage beds except for the leather ottoman use a gas lift to raise the ottoman. The leather ottoman storage bed used an end lift. To make sure that the frame of the storage bed stands the test of time, we rely on sprung slats to offer you a sturdier experience. With the addition of a mattress, you can experience a serene sleeping. The frame of the storage bed can withstand pressure. At the same time, chrome legs with link bars keep the frame intact. Tender Sleep offers storage beds at the cheapest. We rely on high-quality materials to make sure our products are long-lasting.

How safe are the hydraulics for the storage beds?

The hydraulics of the storage bed is way safer than you can imagine. We rely on a steel framework for the lifting part of the ottoman. The hydraulics for the ottoman uses gas-lift. With a single touch, your ottoman will rise. Keep in mind that in the earlier stage the mechanism will be a little rough. But in time the ottoman will become more responsive with use.  The leather ottoman storage bed uses an end lift to raise itself. As always, a safety latch is also present that prevents the gas lift from rising accidentally. This is an exclusive by Tender Sleep Furniture.

What fabric does the storage bed come in?

Currently, the storage beds come in all fabrics. The Crushed Velvet Ottoman Storage bed and the Plush Velvet Ottoman Storage bed are the most popular. Velvet and leather are the two main fabrics that are prominently featured. In the summer, Plush Velvet takes the cake whereas in the winter the leather variation is perfect. Crushed Velvet is the epitome of style. Great for interior decorators and customers with good taste.

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