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Which Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe to invest in?

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Wardrobes are the object of desire for many customers. These home décor items help us by lessening the amount of clutter in our rooms. That is why having a wardrobe is a must. The fitted wardrobe does its purpose but lacks the mobility you desire. This is the point where the sliding mirror door wardrobe comes into play. This innovation offers you the option to not only choose where to place them but also choose the size and colour. These kinds of wardrobes are the new trend. Customers like yourself prefer home décor plausible items. That offers benefits and features that align with your lifestyle choices. The Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobes is the perfect candidate for the job.

Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe

A sliding mirror door wardrobe is a simple wardrobe. The key difference is that instead of doors popping out. Instead, they glide across. This way the access to the wardrobe is full contact. Meaning that you require no extra space to use them. The other key thing is that all sliding door wardrobes come with full-length mirrors. This enhances the overall style but also adds the illusion of space.

Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe

As the size of the Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobes increase so does the storage space. You also get to decide the finish. Currently, you can get the Sliding Mirror Wardrobe in a natural finish. If you prefer style, then you can spice it up with a high gloss or matte finish. Tender Sleep provides you with the opportunity to inspect the full-length mirrors that come with the wardrobe. If for some reason you feel that the full-length mirrors are not up to your standard then you always cannot accept delivery.

Tender Sleep offers three Sliding Mirror Door wardrobe ranges. These cater to all customers and are within your budget.

The Berlin Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Range

The Berlin Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe is a budget wardrobe. It comes in 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, and 203 cm. Each size has the appropriate number of shelves and hanging rails. As the size of the Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe increases so does the number of shelves and hanging rails. Customers do have the option to add an extra hanging rail to the Sliding Mirror Wardrobe. This will carry a charge. All come with full-length mirrors on both doors. Metallic handles are also present so that you can easily access the wardrobe without any issues. Customers who invest in Tender Sleep’s wardrobe collection will be happy to know that the wardrobe is free-standing. The Berlin Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe comes in white, black, and grey. The 120 cm wardrobe can easily be housed in a single room whereas anything above 120 cm requires a medium room.

Marsylia Sliding Wardrobe Range

The Marsylia Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe is Tender Sleep Premium Wardrobe. From a price perspective, it is value for money. The Marsylia is a three-door single panel mirror wardrobe. It comes with three drawers and a LED for illumination. The sizing scheme is 208 cm and 255 cm likewise. This wardrobe brings elegance and style to your bedroom. It might appear bulky, but that is not the case. The storage is what makes this a majestic home décor item.

The metallic handles help you easily access the wardrobe without any issues. As always, this wardrobe is free standing. The assembly of the wardrobe might become a challenge due to the bulkier size. You can always hire fitters to do the job if this becomes a predicament. All Marsylia wardrobes except for the 208 cm one comes with 8 shelves, 2 hanging rails and 3 drawers. They also come with a single panel mirror which can glide across without any issues.

Paris Lux Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe

The Paris Lux Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobes is our jewel of the crown. This remarkable wardrobe arrives in an exclusive size of 250 cm. It comes with three sliding doors with mirrors upon them. Smooth metallic handles allow easier access for you. The Paris Lux Sliding Mirror Wardrobe comprises 10 shelves, 1 hanging rail and 2 drawers as standard. It is free-standing and comes with LED lights. The Wardrobe comes in three distinct colours which are Grey, White, and Black.  The assembly for this wardrobe is fairly simple.

All wardrobe mirrors will be inspected by customers before delivery. All wardrobes will arrive in flat packaging. Tender Sleep takes great pride in offering items that have a sense of style.

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