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Which four Upholstered Beds to buy this Summer? 

Upholstered Beds to buy this Summer
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When looking for a new bed for your room, this becomes a challenge and a hassle. The options are too many to name and selection becomes as much harder. This is a bigger dilemma than choosing a mattress. You always invest in something better than what you have. You won’t buy the same thing again and again. Furthermore, you desire a new experience. That is where fabric upholstery comes into play. Tender Sleep offers a majestic bed frame in two distinct upholsteries. This includes leather and velvet. The former is great for winters whereas the latter is for the summer. Upholstered beds have started to become popular for some time.

As summer approaches you are given the choice to decide between 4 remarkable upholstered beds this season. These beds are exclusively sold by Tender Sleep. All these beds use high-quality materials to not only enhance your comfort level but also bring style. Investing in a bed that offers dual purpose is the most feasible thing to do. Selecting upholstered beds is a good choice because these are worth the value. This means that if you order any of these beds with the mattress you will get the cheaper offer. So, in truth, these bed frames don’t put a dent in your wallet.

Here are four beds that will look great in your bedroom this summer 

Royal Wingback Bed

The Royal Wing Back Bed in Double Size

The Royal wing back bed is a grand upholstered bed. We offer this bed in both Double and King sizes. Customers also get the choice to pick which suitable mattress to accompany this bed frame. The design element of this bed frame is everlasting. It personifies traditional comfort with modern designs. The high fabric headboard is one of the reasons why many customers prefer this bed frame. The vertical lines in the design are what make this bed remarkable in every way possible. Currently, these upholstered beds are only available in the colour grey. The one thing that makes the royal wing back one of the best is the fabric upholstery.

We relies on plush velvet fabric to bring this astonishing bed to life. Velvet is the most desired fabric on the market today. It can resist almost all hazards it comes in contact with. We as always suggests not placing fabric beds in direct sunlight. The glare may in the process fade the fabric.  Keep in mind this part of the grounded bed line.

Florence Platform Bed Frame

Florence Bed in Double Size

The Florence platform bed frame might be the carbon copy of what the royal wingback looks like. But that is not the case.  This is a new type of bed frame that brings elegance to the whole room it enters. This majestic platform bed is currently available in King Size and Double Size. The only sad point is the bed frame arrives in the colour navy blue. Most people don’t know this, but the colour soothes the senses. Part of the platform bed collection, these upholstered beds comes with chrome legs.

Their addition is not cosmetic but in return, it provides stability to the entire bed frame. The Florence bed frame can accommodate up to two persons simultaneously. At the same time, the fabric upholstery can bring style back to your room. For this, bed as well, we relies on Plush Velvet fabric.  As always, the fabric is resistant to all hazards that you can account for. We suggest keeping the bed away from direct sunlight.

With the help of stainless-steel components and a hardwood frame, the durability of the entire affair is off the scale. You will not even hear a single squeak from this bed frame. Solid Slats come into play to provide comfort and support to the sleeper.

The Plush Velvet Heaven Bed

Double Bed with Chesterfield Design

If you are looking for a grounded bed with an outstanding chesterfield design then the Plush Velvet heaven bed is the answer. This spectacular bed frame focuses chesterfield design on both the headboard and footboard. To enhance the sensitivity to the maximum, We relies on Chrome legs. The style of the legs greatly matches the diamond diamanté of the headboard. These fabric studs are what it means to own something this elegant. Solid slats are always the go-to answer if you are looking for comfort at every level. Unlike a box-spring base, solid slats provide better support for the sleeper and the mattress that come into play.

The time to assemble these upholstered beds is fairly simple. This is that we rely on simpler components that help piece together the whole bed frame in no time. The plush velvet heaven bed is exclusively available in the colour grey. And customers can choose a mattress from a massive range.

Emma Ambassador Bed Frame

Ambassador Bed

The Emma Ambassador bed frame is a special bed. This upholstered bed comes with supportive slats. We rely on the hardwood for the foundation of this bed. The foundation of the bed becomes durable with use. The design for the ambassador bed is synergy in motion. The velvet upholstery coupled with diamond diamanté is what makes this a spectacular bed. You get the choice to either use fabric studs or crystal ones. This action will not carry an additional charge. Part of grounded bed range. The upholstered bed will provide your comfort for the ages.  A 2000 pocket sprung mattress is a perfect companion for this upholstered bed.

Fabric upholstery is one of the reasons why many customers prefer this bed. The velvet fabric is by far the most desired in the market today. It is resistant to almost all hazards it comes in contact with. We suggest not placing these bed frame in direct sunlight. You can have this upholstered bed in double or king-size. Currently, the Ambassador bed only arrives in the colour grey.

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