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What is bunk bed with mattress? Which Mattress is best?

Mattress is best for Bunk Beds
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For parents, a bunk bed with mattress is a blessing in disguise. These inexpensive beds can easily accommodate up to two or three children, depending on the bunk bed you might have invested in. Moreover, bunk beds also leave some room, so you can ensure children have the freedom to realize their imagination without any issues. The bunk beds are not specifically for children, but adults can invest in them to save space. The precedence has been set that the bunk beds are specifically for children, but that norm is taking a turn as adults are getting into it.

Getting the ideal bunk bed is easy, but finding an ideal bunk bed mattress, that is the real chore. This is a chore, but with this guide, you can get through it fast. The real issue is which mattress to invest in, as the options are too many to count. It is always a good sign when you have more than one choice, as it gives you better options.

What thickness is suitable for bunk beds with mattresses? 

A mattress that is too thick can become a safety hazard for your children. Research has shown that many online retailers suggest investing in thin mattresses that can be easily housed inside the guard rail. This is a safety precaution in the event your child even tries to fall, the guardrails will prevent that. Your selection of mattresses will be the culprit. The mattress requirement for bunk beds will be in the range of six to eight mm thick. The best way to resolve your issue on which mattress will be perfect, the best option to do is to measure your bunk bed dimensions.

bunk beds with mattresses thickness

Points to consider when purchasing a bunk bed with mattresses

Most of the bunk beds that are available in the market can house up to 6 to 9 inches thick mattresses. But at some point, you are still unsure. Tender Sleep furniture recommends a 6“mattress.  The mattress in question will ensure that the mattress will be able to sit easily behind the guardrails. However, the above mattress size is not common and your selection or even availability will be limited. 

Why is a thinner mattress viable?

As you know, almost all bunk beds require a thinner mattress for the top bunk bed. Your real goal for purchasing a bunk bed mattress is to invest in a high-quality product, instead of relying on those cheap knockouts that you find locally. Keep in mind this mattress’ durability is in question and its support, as many reports suggest the bunk bed mattress cannot hold sleepers of considerable weight.

Is a semi orthopaedic mattress the best choice for bunk beds?

Investing in high-quality mattresses such as semi-orthopaedic mattresses from Tender Sleep Furniture which come with a high-density base is the perfect option. This mattress can support any number of sleepers and durability will be for the ages. If budget is not the option, then you can choose a variety of bunk bed mattresses from latex to memory foam. It depends on whether the bunk bed can accommodate the mattress or not.

Your usage matters on your choice

Before venturing into a perfect mattress for your bunk bed, you might want to understand the usage of the mattress. If your usage is less frequent, then we would recommend going for something cheaper. A budget mattress is good for less use, whereas investing in a luxury mattress for daily usage is the perfect answer. The other thing that you need to look for is the materials that come inside the mattresses. Latex and memory mattresses are pricey, whereas the pocket sprung mattress is the most beneficial of the two.

Price matters

Many online retailer’s term price in this way that the more expensive the product, the better it would be, but that is not the case. It also depends on your personal preference. Yes, some home décor are expensive items, they come with high-quality materials and stand the test of time. Whereas, Items such as mattresses that have daily use tend to develop wear and tear at a faster rate.

Contrary to popular belief, the mattress that you choose for bunk beds is different from the bunk bed you have bought.  Some bunk beds can easily accommodate up to three people. Bunk bed safety and sleep quality are finer points to consider when selecting a mattress. Make sure the mattress you are choosing is:

1. Low Profile

The ideal thickness of a bunk bed mattress for the top bunk should be around 6 to 7 inches. Having a low-profile mattress will overall maximize the efficacy of the guardrails and in return give top bunk sleepers more room. At the same time, the mattress will be thick enough to provide comfort and support. If the bunk bed you invested in arrives with much higher guardrails, then you are lucky to revel in a thick mattress.

2. Quiet

Sharing a bunk bed can be a massive endeavour.  If the top bunk is housing a side sleeper, then the weak mattress will make more noise than your tummy. An all-foam mattress is the safer bet as it provides noise isolation.

3. Lightweight mattress

Having a lightweight mattress is the best option. Having a thick mattress will not only put the frame of the bunk bed in disarray but at the same time a safety risk for both the occupants of the bunk beds. Before purchasing a perfect mattress for the bunk beds, please check how much weight the bunk beds can withstand. Thereafter, choosing a lightweight mattress will be the most important thing to do.

4. High-Quality mattress

While browsing, make sure the mattress you are looking for on the top bunk bed is not too hot. Memory foam mattresses tend to get hot. Having a mattress with a spring system is crucial as the mattress can cool down in all weathers. Many customers feel that the bunk beds are temporary and after some time the occupants will grow out of them. By spending a little extra on the mattress, you can get something that is not only durable but comfortable.

Adding Semi Orthopaedic Mattress to your Bunk Beds

The semi- orthopaedic mattress by Tender Sleep Furniture comes in two most popular sizes, single and double. The single size can easily accommodate the single bunk beds, and the double side accommodates the triple bunk beds easily.

Customers who purchase the Semi-Orthopaedic Mattress will get

  • A full hybrid mattress with foam and spring system
  • The cover will provide support to your neck and spine
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic
  • A durable base with a smooth fabric cover
  • Air vents help keep the mattress cool even in hotter climates
  • Relaxes body muscles
  • Less Roll Over
  • Lumbar support
  • Suitable for all
Semi orthopaedic Mattress

Cheap Bunk Beds with Mattress

Tender Sleep Furniture’s excels in bringing cheap bunk beds with mattresses. We provide a durable bedding solution for you and your family. Our bunk beds with mattress come in both wooden and metallic finishes. You can purchase our bunk beds with mattresses in either single or triple sizes depending on your requirements. We offer fast delivery and our team keeps you apprised all the way.

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