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Why Bed Frame Squeak and how to Stop Bed from squeaking?

how to Stop Bed from Squeaking

Investing in a majestic bed is something every person desires. It is the squeaking that makes once you have got the hang of it. The bed frame squeak is natural. It is a sign saying that your bed frame has run its course. Normally, after a hard day of work, you would prefer a comfortable sleep in your majestic bed. But as soon as you enter, it starts making that noise. Nonetheless, with every toss and turn, the noise increase that in return disturbs your comfortable sleep.

Why are bed squeaking so annoying?

You find yourself in a troubled state of mind. You need to sleep and without it, your whole system will suffer. The noise your bed makes is a warning sign in your head that something is wrong. Something is bothering the complete serene place. Before venturing to call the people who gave you the bed frame, the first thing to do is inspect where the noise or the squeaking is coming from.

Why have your bed base, mattress, and bed frame become obsolete?

Every bed that you purchase is noise-free. This squeaking starts to happen with use. This is a common problem that is expected from almost all home décor times. Noise can also be heard in worn sofas. The moment you sit on the scatter cushions, the base of the sofa starts to crank the bass all up to ten. This clearly shows that the home décor items are on their last leg. It signals you that it is time to get rid of the furniture and invest in a new selection. But that’s not what you want. You want the home décor item to resurrect itself as you have spent countless memories in it. It has become a part of the family, so you ask yourself is there any way to salvage your good fortune? Well, guess what there is. The answer to your concern is below.

The noise that is coming from bed has nothing to do with you. The real culprit behind the noise could be three main candidates. But it is your job to check if the culprit is either one of them. This includes a mattress, the base, or the frame.

All beds have three main components and the rest are attachments

The three components are the bed base that houses the box spring or the slats, depending on your selection of bed base. Then comes the bed frame, in which the bed base inserts itself. The frame comes in three varieties as well. A Divan bed frame, a bunk-bed frame, and an ottoman. These are the common examples of a wooden frame, a metallic frame, and a hybrid frame respectively.

Bed Types - Bunk beds

Why is your orthopaedic or memory foam the culprit?

The mattress is the key component of the puzzle. It is a cushion that provides the necessary comfort to your body and enhances your sleeping in every way possible. All three things work incoherently to provide you benefits. If one base component starts making issues, then the whole bed frame starts to lose its charm. 

Why is your orthopaedic or memory foam the culprit? How they are the main issue for bed frame squeak?

Is your pocket-sprung or soft mattress squeaking? 

The first culprit is the mattress. A mattress has a maximum life of more than 10 years, depending on the selection.  To identify if the mattress is the one that is making all the noise. Start by pushing in different areas of the mattress for identification. If you have purchased a hybrid mattress such as a pocket sprung mattress, then the springs inside the foam padding might be the issue for the squeaking. 

Why rotating or flipping your mattress might be the answer?

Once you have found which side is making the noise, you have the option to fix the noise or invest in a new mattress. Fixing the mattress noise involves rotating the mattress or flipping it upside down. The question arises why is mattress rotation important? And the answer is that it ensures the foam padding inside the mattress is evenly distributed. The perfect time to rotate or flip your mattress is after every three months. This helps keep the mattress fresh and the internal components in a healthy state of mind.

Rotating mattress will less the bed frame squeak

Does adding a plywood base to your mattress lessen the noise?

That depends on if the mattress is making the noise., the next step would be to add a piece of plywood between your mattress and bed frame. The plywood will be the medium that helps lessen the noise. Research shows that plywood adds an extra layer of support for customers who invest in box-spring base beds. It lessens the noise the bed makes and at the same time, the bed base becomes firmer.

We hope this will solve the issue more quickly than the former. If that isn’t the case. The best option left for you is to buy a cheap new mattress and bring value. Your best bet is not to get the same mattress that you had before, instead invest in something new. By purchasing the same thing over and over makes your whole experience dull. If you finally decide to upgrade your mattress, just make sure to properly dispose of your old mattress. Tender Sleep Furniture offers cheap mattresses that will bring value to you and your bedroom.

Does the bed frame make the squeaking?

The bed frame could be the reason for the noise. The bed frame comes with many simple components. A badly connected joint or a not properly fixed bolt could be the reason that your entire bed frame is making the noise. The best bet is to inspect your bed frame. This does not require special tools, but instead, a simple hammer and a screwdriver could get the job done easily. Before taking any drastic measures like loosening the complete frame, check the joints thoroughly. If the noise is still coming, the best option could be that joints need lubrication. Rust might be the reason the joints are causing the bed frame to start squeaking.

Fixing the bed frame squeak

Why is your bed base the suspect for the squeak? 

Customers have the option to either choose wooden slats or a box-spring base for their bed frame. With use, almost all components start to make noise. And initial observation points to the slats that start rubbing against the frame. This is one of the main reasons why your bed frame starts singing like a harpy. If you have any old socks, shirts, or even towels, use them as the go-between the slats and the frame to lessen the overall noise the bed frame makes.

What does wedging the bed frame mean? 

A piece of wood also known as a wedge is also the next solution to lessen the overall noise coming from your bed frame. Take a small wooden piece and place it between the frame that is making the noise. This wedge will help lessen the squeak in a much faster way. But this is a short-term solution.

Does adding foam padding to the floor help your cause? 

If the noise still comes from the bed, guess you need to broaden your horizon. The next option would be to add foam floor padding underneath the legs of your bed frame. This will help you lessen the noise the bed frame makes if the culprit is the bed frame. The next is your chrome legs or even wheels, they might be the reason the noise is coming. Polishing the chrome legs or greasing the wheels is the go-to option to lessen the whole noise-making bed.

Is this the time to get a new bed?

If the noise is unbearable, this means that it is high time for you to get a new bed frame. Any delay might cause the complete bed frame to fall, and you might get yourself injured in the process. Some might blame the bed frame for being defective or that the manufacturer gave you a shoddy piece of work. But if you have had the bed frame for more than two years, then the use is the reason the bed frame has fulfilled its usefulness. Your best bet would be to invest in a versatile bed frame, such as these suggestions below.

Does the bed base make noise?

Most likely, the noise from your bed is the base. And if it is a box-spring base, then the answer is yes. The noise is because of the frame. Might be that the bed frame that you invested in isn’t hardwood at all. For your information, all divan bed types use a box-spring base.

What could be the source for the bed squeaking?

The coils and wooden panels inside the box-spring base might be the sole reason for the squeak. This is a common issue with the box-spring base. With use, the springs naturally start to show signs of wear. The noise increases when the springs start to rub with each other

Another reason the bed base has gone bad could be that the internal components have become obsolete. The rubbing of the metallic springs and the coils have become worse to wear. These have deteriorated each other to a point where the whole base is making the noise. Durability might become an issue as the internal components are giving less support.

How to remedy the squeaks coming from your bed base?

To fully fix the squeaks which are coming inside the bed base. You need to make a small hole using scissors on one of the corners of your bed base where the noise is coming from. Your next step includes the use of WD40 or machine oil. By lubricating them, the coils start to improve their response times by reducing the metallic tension the coils or the spring make. Before you complete the process, use a needle to sew the opening you made in the base to complete the process. This will gladly decrease the noise your bed base is making.

After trying all our remedies and the squeak is still coming from the bed, the best course would be to invest in a better bed frame. Below are some better alternatives that don’t have the habit of making these kinds of noises and provide you with a comfortable sleep at affordable prices.

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