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COVID-19: How to Sleep Better During the Lockdown

How to sleep better during the lockdown

Lack of sleep is linked with so many health issues and the current pandemic situation is making it worse these days. Sleep deprivation can put you at a higher risk of stroke, diabetes or heart disease. In this current period of lockdown, a lot of people are suffering from insomnia. It might be due to a lack of physical activity, heavy intake of calories, stress and anxiety.   Poor sleeping patterns affect your metabolism and processes inside the body, it will become a reason for weight loss. Sleep is very important for your body to recover and improve your overall body metabolism. Sleep deprivation is directly linked with weight gain. Your sleeping pattern affects various processes inside your body which can contribute to weight loss. The lack of sleep and weight gain is directly linked with each other.  


Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, there are lots of people experiencing sleep issues. Excessive stress level is created due to this pandemic condition and extended lockdowns. It’s also affecting your daily routines and sleeping patterns. The human body automatically gets disturbed while facing any situation that’s out of our control. It’s called a natural self-defence mechanism. Here we are discussing a few steps that will help us to sleep better during the lockdown period without affecting our health.


1. Reserve Your Bed for Sleep only:

Sleep experts try to create an association between your bed and sleep in your mind. That’s why it’s recommended to use the bed only for sleep. It means that working from home doesn’t mean working from bed. It also means that you have to avoid bringing your laptop into bed to watch series or movies. 

But, if you are having a hard time with your bed, then opt to change sheets, pillows, quilts or twist the mattress. As these things might help you to make your bed comfortable again. If your finances allow then do consider buying a divan bed with a mattress to reap the benefits in your sleep health i-e Heaven BedFaux Leather Bed, Divan Beds, etc. A new mattress will perform to its utmost only when you will place it on a new base. Keep in mind that even the best mattress won’t deliver its best if its base is sagging. Order Now! a new bed and mattress online at an affordable price from Tender Sleep.

Reserve Your Bed for Sleep only

2.  Spend a few hours in the light:

Light exposure is very important for the human body, it’ll help to regulate healthy sleep. After all the disruptions created by daily life, you need to take steps in the light, as it will create a positive effect on your circadian rhythm.  

  • Try to spend some time in the light every day, even if the sun is not shining brightly, natural light will still have a positive impact on circadian rhythm. A morning walk in the fresh air is always perfect for human health with additional benefits.    
  • Try to keep your windows and blinds open during day time to let the light into your home during the day.
Spend a few hours in the light

3.  Buy a New Mattress to zap your stress:

Another thing that you can do to sleep better during this pandemic situation and current lockdown, is to twist or top your mattress. That will help you to get better sleep at night. If that isn’t working for you then you can opt to buy an online new mattress. There are lots of varieties available in mattresses these days, from which you can choose the one that suits your needs. People suffering from back or neck pains can get an orthopaedic mattress at very affordable rates.

According to a recent study, sleeping on a new, medium-firm mattress will reduce overall stress levels based on factors i-e headaches, worrying, trembling, irritability or nervousness. The new mattress helps people to decrease their overall stress levels and improve the quality of their sleep. So, yes it’s better to invest in a quality mattress and overcome your sleep issues.

Buy a New Mattress to zap your stress

4.  Be Careful while taking Naps:

During the lockdown period of COVID-19, people are tempted to take long naps during day time. It’s not good for your health and it can hinder your nighttime sleep. So yes it’s better to take a short power nap in the afternoon and avoid taking long naps in the daytime.

Be Careful while taking Naps

5.  Perform exercises to stay active:

It’s very easy to forget about performing the exercise while stressing out about the pandemic Coronavirus situation. Keep in mind that stress can actually affect your sleep patterns and mood swings. So it’s suggested to perform a regular daily activity to keep yourself calm and relaxed. Going for a walk while maintaining social distance from others would be a great option. Or else you can perform various indoor exercises and yoga within a home during this period of social distancing.

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