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Mirror Sliding Wardrobes

mirror sliding wardrobes

A mirror sliding door wardrobe not only makes for a grand statement but also brings about functionality to your home. Selecting a wardrobe door to match your personal design style is easy with the variety of wardrobe choices that Tender Sleep offers. You can choose from our wide range of colours and options. These include a safety mirror, Glass Doors, and vinyl covers.

It comprises conventional or present-day doors which slide away. It offers you a sliding framework and gives you a cool redo of the closets. We do concur that conventional closets help in cost sparing. However, the contemporary ones make your room rich. The present-day sliding entryway wardrobe is the one that adds extreme beauty to the feel of the room.

Material of Mirror Sliding Wardrobes:

Material of Mirror Sliding Wardrobes

Mirror Sliding Wardrobes are of solid wood. It is impeccable with your room’s stylistic layout. Tender Sleep has an extensive variety of accumulation which differs in highlights and particulars. They are available to upgrade the client encounter, consequently, you can without much of a stretch pick the one which suits your stylistic theme the best.

Mirror Sliding Wardrobes Construction: 

Mirror Sliding Wardrobes Construction

You can choose from a range of options in sliding wardrobes to meet your design requirement. These sumptuous doors add an air of class and elegance to your home.

Quality bedroom wardrobes not only keep your space looking neat and tidy. But will help you find that outfit quickly when you have no time. They help keep your room clutter-free, making your personal space feel calm and tranquil.

Installation for Mirror Wardrobe Doors:

Installation for Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Installation of wardrobe doors is easy. Although you have to be extra careful while installing the mirrors. We deliver a wardrobe completely unassembled in flat packing. The package includes the instructions manual to guide you properly about the product assembly. In fact, you can also ask if you require assembly services, but for that, you have to pay assembly charges. Here at Tender Sleep, we offer a check warranty on all mirror products. So yes, you can check the wardrobe mirrors before paying for them. 

Stylish Bedroom interior:

Stylish Bedroom interior

No matter if you are building a new home, renovating the old one or are looking for storage. A sliding door wardrobe can add value to your home. Tender Sleep’s Wardrobe range is in line with your preferences and storage needs.

A mirror sliding wardrobe can make your wardrobe blend into your wall. And be a  bold design statement that is both elegant and functional at the same time. Durability plays an active role. Our efficient track system increases the operation efficacy and lifetime of your wardrobe.

Add a Contemporary feel to Your Bedroom:

If your bedroom has a contemporary feel, opt for a model with mirrored sliding doors. White wardrobes lend themselves to a clean look.  Wooden wardrobes fit into a traditional country theme. Wardrobes with drawers particularly help you maximize space and make room for a centrepiece feature like a king-size bed, or even indulge in a super king-size bed. Statement styles in natural wood can be coordinated with a matching dressing table. Alongside hanging space, handy drawers and convenient compartments make stowing items and accessories easy. When coupled with an ottoman and a bedside table, the right wardrobe makes short work of tidying away clutter fast.

Want flexibility? Pop-up mirror wardrobes can cleverly divide a room, creating space where you need it. A large wardrobe alongside a daybed with storage in a spare bedroom creates a handy place to keep clothes tidy. With everything in its proper place, there’ll be no last-minute rummages to find that jacket you know is there somewhere.

Mirror Sliding Wardrobes sizes and assembly:

Mirror Sliding Wardrobes sizes and assembly

Our variety of sizes allows you to choose a wardrobe that suits your home. Our wardrobes come in a variety of colours and finishes, and you can enhance the interior by adding more hanging rails. Shelves count will remain the same. Additional hanging rails will be charged.

If you want to assemble and customize your new wardrobe yourself, you can do so thanks to our instruction manuals. Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation guides provide easy and clear instructions for self-assembly. But, if you’d like a little help do not hesitate to call us, and gladly we will lend a helping hand.

Long-Life Durability:

Whilst all our products are known for their long lifetimes, our product development team is continuously applying their technical expertise to take the durability of our products to the next level. One example of this is our track-cleaning bottom wheel, which keeps the door runners clear of dust and debris. This ensures your sliding doors continue to glide as smoothly after years as the day you had them installed.

The Benefits of Mirror Sliding Wardrobes

The Benefits of Mirror Sliding Wardrobes

Buying the Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe will help you to spice up your bedroom interior. Analyse your bedroom space and decide which wardrobe you desire. Furthermore, you have numerous options available in the mirror style of the sliding wardrobe i-e full-length mirrors, one mirror, two mirrors, centre aligned mirror and full-sized 4 mirror panels. Here are a few benefits of having sliding Mirror Door wardrobes;

  1. The Space Illusion: The Sliding mirror wardrobe helps you of creating an illusion of having a bigger space in your room. Our wardrobes are not only space-saving. But mirror doors are meant to create the illusion of having a bigger room, allowing all types of bedrooms to create a fully optimized look. 
  2. Space Optimization: Our mirrored sliding door wardrobes come with a range of interior aspects too. Providing you with enough storage sections i-e shelves, hanging rails, drawers, or dividers. Allowing you to store a range of different items in your wardrobe, to create an illusion of having a larger and tidier room. Having a full-sized mirror in your room will help you to see head to toe before leaving the home. 
  3. Easier Access: Having the sliding mirrored door wardrobe will help you to create easier access. Sliding doors require less space as compared to hinged doors, to help you save enough space. You can have two or three mirror door wardrobes depending upon the available space in your bedroom. 
  4. Stylish; Here at Tender Sleep, we have a range of wardrobes available with sliding mirrored doors. These stylish wardrobes can blend with all types of bedroom interiors, so grab your favourite one and decorate your room. The wardrobes will give you a sense of style. And make your interior look great by enhancing the overall look. 
Why are Mirrored Wardrobe Doors Popular?

If you are planning a bedroom renovation, then choose a sliding mirror wardrobe to get a stylish bedroom interior. When deciding on the wardrobe, make sure you pick the accurate size, and otherwise, it will make your room congested. 

Furnishing a bedroom correctly will help you to get the perfect interior. From picking a nightstand, beds, window hangings, and beddings to selecting dressers, there are many details to consider. Another most important thing to consider while decorating the bedroom is the wardrobe style and its doors. Before taking this decision, you consider your bedroom space.

There are a number of sliding mirror wardrobe styles available in the market from which you can pick the one that suits your interior. Here are a few reasons why people like to have a sliding mirror wardrobe in their bedroom;

Space-saving mirrored doors wardrobe: 

A sliding mirror wardrobe is the best way to save space and create intuitive storage solutions. While facing space constraints, you must pick smart bedroom furniture to create the illusion of having a big bedroom. In this situation, it’s best to choose a sliding mirror wardrobe. 

Sliding doors are beautiful, they will blend perfectly with your bedroom interiors. If you are looking for a wardrobe that will make a small bedroom look larger, then vinyl doors aren’t going to give you any favour. Instead, selecting a sliding door mirror wardrobe will be a good decision for you. It will help you to save enough space without making you feel cramped in a small bedroom.

Best storage solutions: 

Wardrobes are a great way to create intuitive storage solutions. The sliding doors will help you to save the door opening space in the congested bedroom. Whereas, mirror doors will help you to get ahead to toe view before getting out of the home. Mirrors will help you to trick the mind into having a bigger space, especially if you will place the wardrobe beside your window. Angling mirrors at a specific focus point will create an illusion of depth in the room. 

All of our sliding wardrobes come with a wide range of shelves, racks, hanging rails, fittings, and finishes. You can choose the one that matches perfectly with your existing décor to create continuity throughout. 

Bring natural light with mirror doors:

Natural light is good for humans, it boosts vitamin D, reduces cyclic depression and helps you to sleep better. Usage of natural light will enable you to reduce the usage of artificial light that will automatically save you money. Mirrors massively will reflect the light all around the rooms. According to the current trends, interior designers are selecting a full-length door mirror wardrobe. It will help you to feel more relaxed in the presence of natural light in your room. 

Different Types Of Mirrored Glass

We offer a range of sliding mirror door wardrobes that entail a wide range of finishes, profiles, and frames. Mirror glass will always be a perfect choice for customers who want a contemporary style bedroom interior. Before buying the sliding door mirror wardrobe, you must know about the different types of mirrored glass that you can have, described below;

  • Clear Mirror: It’s the most popular type of mirror finishing used on most of our products. We use high-quality mirror glass on wardrobe doors to create a stylish exterior and allow much light reflection. 
  • Grey Mirror: Another type of mirror used for wardrobe doors is a grey mirror. This mirror offers less reflection, ideal for small bedrooms. Furthermore, the grey mirror features a classy tint on a traditional mirror finishing.
  • Bronze Mirror: It’s also a classy type of mirror that offers less reflection as compared to a clean mirror. The tint on the mirror slightly changes the type of natural light, reflected through it. This finishing is much more popular with interior designers, used to match the room décor. 

BERLIN Mirror Sliding Wardrobe:

BERLIN Mirror Sliding-Wardrobe

We, at Tender Sleep UK, have this exclusive white sliding wardrobe. It’s not just a simple wardrobe, but it is loaded with features. It has a contemporary design and a very lavish outlook. This can easily add a luxurious look to your bedroom. You will love having this exquisite piece of furniture in your bedroom. This is designed for perfection. It will add a new and fresher look to your bedroom décor. You won’t regret having this perfect bed in your room. The Berlin wardrobe is available in a variety of colours and sizes. You can choose the one which best fits your bedroom décor. 

Phenomenal Piece of Furniture:

You will not only fall for its stunning looks but its exceptional properties too. Berlin sliding wardrobe is a phenomenal piece of furniture. It has many catchy features, which makes it even more admirable. The preposterous look, the elegant design and the extraordinary features are a catch. The style of this bed is flexible enough to suit everyone’s choice. The colours available for the Berlin wardrobe are black, white, walnut, and Wenge. You can pick the one which suits your bedroom décor. To produce this exceptional piece of furniture, the finest quality materials have been used. These quality materials make it long-lasting and durable.

The stylish mirror in the middle of the sliding door makes it an elegant and special one. Buy your new sliding door wardrobe from Tender Sleep UK at affordable prices. This black sliding wardrobe is delivered in flat packing that requires easy self-assembly.  

  • Wardrobe 120 cm includes:
  • 2 sliding mirror doors
  • 4 shelves
  • 1 hanging rails
  • Wardrobe 150 cm includes:
  • 2 sliding doors
  • 6 shelves
  • 2 hanging rails
  • Wardrobe 150 cm includes:
  • 2 sliding doors
  • 6 shelves
  • 2 hanging rails
  • Wardrobe 180 cm includes:
  • 2 sliding doors
  • 5 shelves
  • 2 hanging rails
  • Wardrobe 203 cm includes:
  • 2 sliding doors
  • 10 shelves
  • 4 hanging rails
  • Wardrobe 250 cm includes:
  • 3 sliding doors
  • 10 shelves
  • 1 hanging rails
  • 2 Drawers

A full-sized mirror is located in this Berlin wardrobe. This makes the outlook of this wardrobe even more special and glamorous to look at. This will change the entire view and look of your bedroom. A new bedroom with the latest and modern furniture always looks like heaven. Some of its designs also come with a high gloss side strip. Apart from its extraordinary look, the Berlin wardrobe is equipped with features. It has multiple hanging rails and has an oak effect. You can easily store and stuff your materials inside this wardrobe.

LUX 3 Door Mirror Sliding Wardrobe:

LUX 3 Door Mirror Sliding Wardrobe:

The most stylish wardrobe we have here at Tender Sleep is a Lux Sliding Mirror Door wardrobe. It features three large full-length mirrored panels to get a spacious feel. The wardrobe offers plenty of storage space with three separate sections that include 10 shelves, 1 hanging rail, and 2 inner drawers. You can easily keep your clothing in the wardrobe without compromising on the bedroom interior. This wardrobe is ideal for small bedrooms as it reflects the light throughout the room, creating an illusion of a bigger bedroom. 

Paris Lux sliding door wardrobe is made up of high-quality chipboard and entails a matte finish exterior. Available in three appealing colours i-e Black, White and Grey. These neutral shades can blend with all types of bedroom interiors, designed to give a stylish contemporary feel to the bedroom. It entails a Durable and scratch-resistant matte finished exterior, available with 3 mirror doors working on the self-closing mechanism. You also have the option to order the LED light with the wardrobe, for which you have to pay extra. Furthermore, you can ask to customize your wardrobe interior according to your amazing choice.

Marsylia High Gloss Sliding Door Wardrobe:

Marsylia High Gloss Sliding Door Wardrobe

A sliding door wardrobe is essential for your master bedroom. It proves to be a great helper when it comes down to storing your bedroom clutter. Once you have the sliding door wardrobe in your room, it will be your best friend. High gloss wardrobe has a very contemporary design. The best thing about this product is that it offers massive storage space. You can easily store and place your bedroom stuff and other things in this wardrobe. Apart from the very fascinating looks it provides, it also offers many extravagant features. To provide you with a wider storage experience, it also has top shelves within.

This will save a lot of your bedroom space, and you can easily access and approach your stuff easily. The highest and finest quality materials have been used for the production of the sliding door white gloss wardrobe. It also has a black glass effect, which makes it even more lavish and luxurious to look at. Along with many other features it provides, it has a full-length mirror. For its production, high-quality finish material has been used. It adds more glam and luxury to your room, and you won’t regret buying this beautiful piece of furniture for yourself. It is available in many colours to suit your comfort.

The Marsylia wardrobe comes with LED light by default. The lighting improves the look and feel of the wardrobe and allows you to access your wardrobe at night without any trouble. No longer are you required to switch on the light of the entire room to access your wardrobe, you can just use the LED light of the black gloss wardrobe.

Interior of Marsylia Wardrobe:

The High Gloss Marsylia wardrobe with drawers is the perfect space solution to satiate your shopping addiction. It comes in two different variants; you can choose from it according to your storage needs.

  •  208 cm Marsylia wardrobe:
  • 2 Sliding Doors
  • Two Drawers
  • Two Hanging rails
  • 7 Shelves 
  • 255 cm Marsylia wardrobe:
  • Three Sliding Doors
  • 3 Drawers
  • 2 Hanging rails
  • 6 Shelves

The sliding door wardrobe has an exquisite style. This is the reason that it is adored by the viewers and loved by everyone. It comes in white and black colour contrast, which is quite appealing and amazing to look at. It has a clear glass or mirror which helps it look more lavish and elegant. Furthermore, it has glossy side panels which are very delightful and pleasant to look at. The graceful finish and the overwhelming characteristics make it a complete package for modern wardrobe lovers. You will see a black glass placed on one side whereas a full-length mirror on the other side of the 3-door wardrobe with a mirror.

The Marsylia wardrobe comes flat-packed. You can either use our instructions manual to assemble or avail the assembly services of Tender Sleep to get the wardrobe assembled for you. Assembly charges may apply.


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